Secrets of lovers

Lilly is the leader of her clique, most popular girl in school, co- captain of the cheer squad, 10th grade beautiful Mrs. perfect.. Yet single. But not when she meets Taylor, bad boy of the school, with a large reputation for getting into trouble... And Lilly's new chemistry partner.. But there isn't just educational chemistry between these two;) Can they keep their love a secret, and their reputations alive?


7. Are we... dating?

 ~*~ continued from last chapter~*~

 "What the hell is going on here?!" Hallie yelled, shutting the door and looking at the mess of a room the two had made. The sheets on Lilly's bed were messed up and bunched in certain areas were Lilly had gripped the sheets, and in worse matter... her pajamas were sprawled on the side of the room. "..uh.... I can explain.." Lilly said, hiding behind Taylor for protection from the demon that was about to come out. Even Taylor was a bit afraid that she might punch him. Instead Hallie kept her cool, and that's when Lilly knew she was in trouble. "Lilly, come on. We need to go, we'll talk on the plane." Hallie whispered in a happy, cheery tone. Then she left the room. Lilly started to head out the door but quickly turned and pecked him on the lips. Then she walked quickly to catch up, blushing and smiling. "She wants me." Taylor said, smirking.

  The three girls sat at the airport 2 hours later waiting for their delayed plane to get to the airport. Lilly was bored so she pulled out her phone and saw she had a message... From Taylor. She smiled as she opened up the message.

T-Hey whats up?:)

L- Heyy, still waiting,flight got delayed-_-.. What's up with you?

T-Just messaging the best girl ever;)

Lilly blushed at this and played along.

L- Oh really. Ur talking about me, aren't you.

T- Of course i am. lol. Who else would i be talking about

T- <3

Lilly smiled at the heart he sent. It was cheesy, but she didn't care.

L- Can i ask you something?

T-... ok... should i be scared?

L-.. no, i guess not.. 

T- Ok, then what is it?

L-....Are we... dating?...

Lilly immediately regretted sending the message. She actually go kinda scared when the phone said 'typing'


T-Only if you want to be.. :)

L-.. I.. kinda do.. But ur reputation.. and mine.... A bad boy and a good girl.but i do think ur cute.. And I do like you ..... but...

Lilly's heart was racing. "Lilly, the plane is finally here."Kayla said, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her towards the plane. Part of Lilly prayed that Taylor liked her back, the other was praying the plane didn't crash. As the three sat down, Lilly pulled her phone out quickly and saw the message

T-I like you too:)... I want to be the one who always fills your thoughts, the ONLY one who can get away with touching you.... in a naughty way;) I want to kiss every inch of you..(: i want to be yours<3

Lilly bit her lip, blushed bright red and practically jumped out of her seat with happiness. She thought about what to reply and said something, something she would of never thought to say... Ever.

L- I love the way you always leave me wanting more;) Even the slightest thought of you and me... together..In my dorm... just like this morning... god...<3

T-Will you be my girlfriend? We don't have to tell anyone. Ours will be a secret love:)

"Yes!" Lilly yelled, smiling and turning the heads of a few people on the plane. Kayla turned to look at her, "What?". Lilly blushed even deeper and sat down quickly, "Nothing, just playing a game on my phone." Lilly said nervously. Kayla believed her, Hallie didn't. "Who were you talking to?" Hallie asked as Kayla pulled her headphones out and messed with her ipod. "I told you i was playing a game." Lilly quickly replied. "First the hickey from Taylor last week, then this morning i walk in and you were kissing him, now what..?" Hallie whispered leaning close to Lilly so she could look into to the blonde's eyes. Lilly couldn't hide from Hallie, it was literally impossible. "I... I like him... And he likes me back.. He kinda just asked me out..." Lilly choked out. Hallie was silent for a moment before she smiled "That's so romantic! Good luck.. It's gonna be tough." Hallie said patting her friend's shoulder. Lilly smiled and pulled out her phone and sent a quick message to Taylor.

L- I'd love too... Well the plane is about to take off, i'll text you when it's night so no one bugs me:)

T-Ok bye Angel:)

Lilly's heart skipped a beat when she saw the word angel. She put her phone in her pocket so the flight attendant wouldn't see.  Apparently you weren't supposed to have your phone on during the flight.'The rules here are so stupid' she thought to herself. She closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift off to her secret crush, no secret boyfriend. She actually wanted to go back to school now. 'You have to wait for great things' She thought to herself again smiling as she fell asleep for a nap so she could stay up during the night.

~*~at the airport in Miami, Fl~*~

  oh my god! Finally, we are here!!" Lilly said throwing her arms up in the air. The flight attendant had seen Lilly with her phone and made her turn it off. "What a bitchy flight attendant, making me turn off my phone. I wasn't hurting anything." She said. Hallie just smiled at her, and Kayla just laughed. Lilly turned just in time to be tackled by a well built, dark brown haired boy, "Lilly!  I missed you so much!" yelled Vincent. "C'mon, I know you didn't forget you're big brother" He said grabbing Lilly's bags off the cart. "Of course i didn't, thanks for coming to pick us up." Lilly said, smiling as she felt the phone in her pocket vibrate because she already knew who it was. She was about to pull it out when Vincent walked towards them. "C'mon, we haven't got all night! All three of he families are waiting our house." Vincent said sitting the bag in the car. And by house.. Vincent meant mansion... Lilly sighed and walked over to the passenger side.It was going to be a long week... Especially with having to be about 3,000 miles from Huntington beach.... From Woodcrest private school.... From Taylor....

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