Luck of the Irish

A girl with a broken heart, tough life and feels nothing but hurt trys hard to lightin up, to feel love agian and to forget about her anger and past. Then one day...It is all going to change.


3. The new student

                       I snuck to school hopeing kattie wont spot me and I will be able to survive a day. I was creeping around then I ran into some one AGIAN!!! OUCH!!!!!! I yelped. I looked up and I saw the boy I saw yesturday but this time I took time to notice what soft pretty blond hair he has, what cute eyes he has and how totally hot he was!!!!!!! This was amazing he some how manged to make me forget about my last crush. S-s-sorry. He stumbled over his words. Its alright I smiled at him. He smiled at me back. He has the cutiest smile EVER!!!!!!!!! My name is Samantha you may call me Sam if you want. Whats your name? Niall he said blushing. OMG he just happens to be Irish too!!!!!! He has the cute name and Irish accent!!! I told him I am Irish too. He laughed, smiled, then got up and started sliently cheering,danceing and jumping around. I started laughing this was the first I laughed since a year ago it felt GREAT!!!!!!!!! He sat down and said yesss im not the onley one!!!!!!!! You must be new.I said. Here let me show you where your class is. Okey fine today I survived and met a new guy that I really like this feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!

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