Luck of the Irish

A girl with a broken heart, tough life and feels nothing but hurt trys hard to lightin up, to feel love agian and to forget about her anger and past. Then one day...It is all going to change.


6. Nialls Pain

                      Samantha? Yes? I said. Niall is still asleep but you can go and check on him. The nurse lead me to him. Hes in there. She pointed towards the room. I will leave you alone for a few minutes. Thank you. I said I quietley looked at him tears came into my eyes. He was alot worse than I thought he would be. I sat next to him holding his hand. This is ALL my fault I lead him into this. I was thinking. The docter came in. Samantha? Yes? We are going to have to take some x-rays of him so you will have to come back tomarrow when he is awake. Okey I took a deep breath than leaned over and gave Niall a kiss on the forhead. I sat down in my bedroom thinking about why Dom did this. He is not a harsh person, he would not act this way when jelouse. Did Kattie put him up to this?

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