Luck of the Irish

A girl with a broken heart, tough life and feels nothing but hurt trys hard to lightin up, to feel love agian and to forget about her anger and past. Then one day...It is all going to change.


1. Me

Hello my name is Samantha Thomas and let me just say everyone has their own story well this is mine. It all started at the beganing of this year I recently got my heart broken by my crush because he loved another girl, My father left us and is in jail, My older brother has been stealing,doing drugs and smokeing so he had to go to rehab TWICE he now lives in new york,All of my best friends moved and no one I mean NO one understands me.Well I have had enough of my bad luck and im out of ideas I dont know what to do. That is me and I cant change my past, I tried to fix and solve my probloms, I tried to coach myself and love myself but guess what It doesn't work I didn't give up for six years well I did all that hard work to love myself and blah,blah,blah I give up! I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well thats my back ground story. Lets start with the good part how all of this began to change.

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