Luck of the Irish

A girl with a broken heart, tough life and feels nothing but hurt trys hard to lightin up, to feel love agian and to forget about her anger and past. Then one day...It is all going to change.


5. LUCK and the JELOUSE

                    I guess me and Niall are dateing now and its the life!!!!!!!!!!!  I am pretty mad at Dom for breaking my heart and then when im taken he wants me. So when I get the chance I try to lean over and kiss Niall right infront of Dom. I was sitting at the park with Niall after school and then guess what we were talking when Dom just randomly appeared and the grabbed Niall when we both wern't looking and started pounding on him!!!!! Dom!!!!! I screamed stop it I tried to pull him off of Niall but it was too late. Niall was nocked out cold his face was a little bit bloody and my face was full with tears. I looked over at Dom then started chucking stuff at him feircely until he was gone. Everything was complete silent all except my sound of crying and screaming for help. Mabey my luck has gone away.

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