Gotta Be You [Sequel] FINISHED

Marley and Louis are together but how long will it last? What will Andy do without Marley? Are Louis and Marley going to be together like they had hoped?


5. Chapter 4

Louis’s POV I walked to the waiting room thinking about what Marley just told me. I knew she felt the same things I felt. We are destined to be together. As I enter the waiting room I met with her parents to tell them that their daughter just woke up and is going to be okay. I told them the room number and they were headed off. But right before they left I asked “Mr. Martinez, may I speak to you in private for just a moment?” He looked at me and said “Yes of course son. What’s on your mind?” I was so nervous “Well sir, I really care for Marley.” “Okay.” I was choking up trying to spit out the words I wanted to say. “I was wondering...May I have your daughters hand in marriage?” knowing he would say no I gave it my best shot. “You certainly may young fella’. I can surly see that you mean a lot to my daughter.” I couldn’t believe it. He said yes. “Mr. Martinez thank you so much. This really means a lot to me and Marley.” “You’re welcome. All I ask is that you treat her right and please don’t hurt her.” I shook my head at Mr. Martinez who is now going to be my father-in-law and said “Never sir. Never.”



Marley’s POV My mom came into the room. “Where’s dad?” I asked as I tried to sit up a little more. “He’s talking to Louis. Don’t worry about him. Are you okay honey, do you need anything?” She asked as she tried all she could to make me feel more comfortable. “No mom I’m fine.” I said with a little laugh. “Mom what are they talking about?” “Honestly Marley I’m not quite sure. Why?” “Well before Louis went to call you and dad he and I talked about something. It’s nothing.” I said to my mom as I put my head down thinking ‘Why did I say that?’ Right as I put my head down my dad walked in. “Hey munchkin. Are you felling okay?” “Hi daddy, yes I’m fine you and mom need to stop worrying about me.” He looked at me and smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen on him. What could he possibly be thinking?

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