Gotta Be You [Sequel] FINISHED

Marley and Louis are together but how long will it last? What will Andy do without Marley? Are Louis and Marley going to be together like they had hoped?


3. Chapter 2

Marley’s POV I’m in a strange place. It’s somewhere I’ve never been before everything is so clear. I could see my grandparents waving at me. I start to climb the stairs but stop when I feel an electric shock. I could see my grandmother looking at me “Marley, it’s not your time to be here. Go back and live life with the one you’re destined to be with.” Another shock goes rushing through me. I’m slowly drifting back to reality. My grandfather yells “Louis is a keeper. Don’t let him go. Remember we love you.” Trying to keep in contact with them their voices start to fade. I hear the sounds of sirens and voices saying “Okay we got her back. Give her some oxygen to keep her breathing.” I try to open my eyes to see what was going on but I couldn’t. I must be dreaming.


Louis’s POV We arrived at the hospital right when they revive her back to life. I’m not sure if she is able to move. But the paramedics have been a massive help. “How are you related to the young lady?” the doctor looks at me. I stand there looking at Marley worried for her life. “Sir?” “I’m sorry. Um I’m her fiancé.” I knew for a fact that if I told them I was her boyfriend I wouldn’t get any information. “Well sir we are going to have to operate we will update you on her as soon as we can.” “Thank you doctor.” Her parents walk in and head straight towards me. “Louis Tomlinson?” Marley’s mom says to me. “Yes. You must be Ms. Martinez. It’s nice to meet you. I have to tell you something before the doctor comes back to talk to us, I lied to the doctor, I told him I’m Marley’s fiancé only to see if she is going to be alright. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.” Marley’s mother looked at me with tear filled eyes and said “Thank you so much Louis. You truly are the true fairy tale Marley needs. I’m glad she met you when she did.” About an hour or 2 later the doctor came out and pulled me aside and said “You may go see her. She’s not completely awake but she can hear you.” “Thank you. Thank you so much doctor.” I said as I walked to the room she was in. Right when I walked in a smile grew on my face. I knew that we would be together like fate had predicted.

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