Gotta Be You [Sequel] FINISHED

Marley and Louis are together but how long will it last? What will Andy do without Marley? Are Louis and Marley going to be together like they had hoped?


16. Chapter 15

*5 years later on their own*


Marley’s POV “Marley wake up. I think you had a bad dream.” Louis says as he shakes me I could feel each breath I took with my heart racing. “It was the dream again. The one about Andy and the shooting and finding out I was pregnant with Alexander.” I looked at Louis a little scared. “Don’t worry that was years ago. We still have our little Alex here.” Shortly after Alexander ran in screaming “Mommy, daddy!” I look at the door and open my arms signaling to Alexander that I’m awake. “Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep well?” I asked as I gave him a kiss on the forehead and a tight little squeeze. “No I had a bad dream mommy I dreamt that this bad man was hurting you.” He said crying a little bit. “Sh-sh hush now. You don’t need to worry about anything happening to mommy or daddy.” He looked in my direction and smiled. “I love you mommy!”


Louis’s POV I looked at Alexander and said “So little man what would you like for breakfast?” He looked at me and smiled “I know what to do…” he leaned in and whispered in my ear “let’s make breakfast for mommy. Since today is her birthday.” I nodded with a big smile. “So what are we having for breakfast?” Marley looked at Alex and I and I told her “It’s a surprise.” Alexander looked at Marley and laughs “Yea mommy you’re going to like it a lot.” We walked out of the room and into the kitchen. We grabbed the pancake mix from the cabinet and set everything out to give to Marley. As soon as we started to make breakfast Alexander asked “Daddy why doesn’t mommy celebrate her birthday?” I looked at Alexander and say “Son sometimes mommy forgets. But see that’s why we have you to remind her that she’s the best mommy in the world.” He looks up at me and smiles. As soon as we finish making breakfast for Marley we walk up to the room and Alexander walks in and starts to sing.


Marley’s POV “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear mommy, happy birthday to you.” I looked at Alexander and started to cry. “Mommy what’s wrong?” I look at Alexander with tears running down my face. “This is the best birthday surprise ever thank you Alexander.” Louis smiled and sat next to me giving me a kiss “Happy birthday love.” “Make a wish mommy!” I looked at Louis then back at Alexander and blew out the candle. Louis looks at me and asks “What did you wish for princess?” Alexander looks at me “Yeah mommy what did you wish for?” I looked at both of them back and forth and said “Why would I need to wish for anything when I have everything I need right here in front of me.”



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