Gotta Be You [Sequel] FINISHED

Marley and Louis are together but how long will it last? What will Andy do without Marley? Are Louis and Marley going to be together like they had hoped?


13. Chapter 12

Louis’s POV I stood right at the door as I walked out to see if she would listen to me and rest. I never thought that I would hear Marley talking to the baby. “This is going to be a long journey. I just want you to know that your father would have loved you as much as I do but Louis is your father now. He is going to teach you things I can’t. I will never give up on you no matter how hard it gets for me. I love you my little one.” Everything she had told the baby I could never had said the way she did. I was lost for words, almost about to cry, but when I heard one last thing coming from the room before leaving I cried happy tears “Goodnight Alexander.” After I heard that I knew she had a feeling it was going to be a boy. After I heard her I left and went back home to talk to my mom and let her know I was going to have Marley over. Hours passed and I went back to Marley’s like I said I would and found that she was still sleeping. So I went and talked to her parents. “Mr. and Mrs. Morales I wanted to let you know something. I know Marley wants to tell you but I don’t want you to be upset.” The both look at me worried. “What is it son?” her father says. “Marley is pregnant. It’s Andy’s.” her mom started crying and her father looked disappointed. “How could she not tell us? How long have you known?” I look at them a sad look on my face “Since the night I stayed with Marley in the hospital. The doctor told us right after you all left.”


Marley’s POV I woke up and heard my parents talking down stairs. I heard Louis talking by the time I had reached the bottom of the stairs it was quiet. But I could hear crying coming from my mom. Was it a good crying? “Mom are you okay?” She turned her head fast and said “Yes sweetie I’m fine. Are you okay?” I looked at my mom thinking ‘Why would something be wrong with me when you’re the one crying?’ “Yes mom I’m fine.” I look at Louis “What’s going on?” “I told your parents about the baby. I knew you wanted to tell them but I wanted them to know since they trust me so much. I hope you’re not upset with me.” I looked at Louis a little upset “Lou’ I wanted to be the one to tell them. Or at least I wanted to tell them together.” “I’m sorry love; I just wanted it to be easier on you I don’t want you to have too much stress. They say it’s not only bad for you but its bad for the baby.” I love how he’s looking out for me and the baby it’s cute. “Thank you for caring boobear.” I said with a smile I knew he only told them because he didn’t want me to keep it a secret anymore.

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