The First Date

When Emily goes to meet the boys, she notices Niall staring at her, and then the unexpected happens.


2. The Concert

Her friends and her went to their concert later that day, and had backstage VIP passes to meet the boys again.
After the concert, they went backstage. Emily was too upset to worry about Niall noticing her anymore. She just focused on her friends and the band. After they took their pictures, they walked out. Out of no where, Niall comes running after Emily.
"HEY! Wait up! I've seen you before, haven't I?" Niall said.
"Yeah," Emily said. "I went to the meet and greet earlier."
"What's your name beautiful?" Niall said in his cute Irish accent.
"Emily, Emily Hor..." She stopped herself from embarassment.
"Emily, that's a cute name!" Niall said.
"Thanks!" She said.
"How would you like have dinner sometime with me? My heart stopped when i looked at you, and I need to get to know you better." Niall said, biting his lip hoping she'll say yes.
"I would love to!!" Emily said crying of happiness!
They made the arrangements for the next day to go out to dinner. Emily couldn't believe that Niall really noticed her!
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