Why me

This story is about a girl named Jenna, who is lost in life. She doesn't know what life is about anymore, and has no where to turn to. She is on the verge of death when a blond irish boy saves her. What will happen between the two? What will the others think when he brings her home?...


1. Bio

My name is Jenna, im 17 years old. My mother and father died when I was 6, and my sister doesn't speek to me. I live in a foster home in London, they are very nice people.. for the most part. Other than the fact that their oldest son and I had a history together, and he won't stop harrasing me about it.. I like my family. 


Our house is nice, except for my room.. when I came into their house they werent expecting me. So I was given the worst room in the house. There are 3 leaks in the roof, and a hole in the wall. They refuse to fix the room for me, I dont know why.


I'm only aloud to eat 1 meal a day, my foster mother says its to keep me fronm getting fat.



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