Friends 'till the end.

8 people. 8 whole different lives. What happens when these 8 people meet? Follow the stories of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Layla Ramirez, Karen Garcia, and Cecelia Martinez and see what happens when they meet.


1. Our Lives.

Harry POV

"Harry hurry up in the bathroom! You take forever!" I heard my older sister Gemma yelled. Well that woke me up. I was so tired I fell asleep on the toilet seat. "Shut up will you?!" I yelled banging at the door. I heard her moan and banging down the stairs. "Im telling mom!" Gemma said from downstairs. I sighed and jumped in the shower. I felt the hot water fall on my back. It calmed me down a bit. I hated getting ready for school. It was just another part of my boring, no life I have. "Harold! Hurry Up!" I heard my mother Anne, scream from the other side of the door. "Fine!" I said yelling at her and shutting the water off with force. I opened the door with my towel around me and pushed Gemma in there. "Harry! I forgot my towel!" Gemma said from inside the bathroom. "Tough shit." I said walking to my room. "Ugh!" Gemma said from behind the door again. I got dressed and ran into the living room. "Who's picking you up today Hair bear?" My mom said as I sat on the couch. "The bus. I ditched Ross and Lin. Fucking bastards." I said under my breath. "What happened? Is everything alright?" My mom said sitting next to me. "Everything's fine. Chill." I said walking out the door. "Love you!" My mom said out the window. I waved goodbye to her and went on the bus. I sat there and waited to get to school. A girl sat next to me. "Hey." She said looking for something in her backpack. "Hello." I said looking out the window. 

Cece POV

"Cece! Wake up!" I heard a little girl say. I woke up and seen my 1 year old daughter at my bed post throwing pillows at me. "For the last time Andrea! Im Mommy! Not Cece!" I said picking her up. "Uncle Brian said your Cece." She said trying to get out of my arms. "Don't listen to him! He's only 10!" I said smacking Brian on the head. "Ow!" Brian said holding his head. "Blah." I said putting Andrea on the floor with her toys. I heard banging coming from the stairs. I look to my left and see my 23 year old sister, Angie,  running down the stairs chasing her 2 year old son, Caden. "Caden! Come on! You have to go to day care!" She said lifting Caden up. "NO!!! DADDY!!!!" He said struggling to leave her arms. "Adrian! Can you please help me!" Angie said putting Caden on the couch. "Im getting ready! I have a very important meeting with a client today!" Adrian said tying his tie in front of the mirror. "Well I have to design a dress for a model today." Angie said grabbing her purse. "Catch you later babe." Adrian said picking up Caden and kissing Angie on the cheek. "Kay. Bye." She said walking out. I finished my cereal and took a shower. I got dressed and brushed my teeth and all that blah blah blah and got Brian ready for school, and Andrea ready for day care. I gave those 2 to Adrian and he drove them to school. I caught my bus and sat next to a really cute guy who was in my science class but never noticed me, Harry. 

Niall POV

"King Tuts wife!?!?!? Help!?" Greg asked sitting at the table doing late homework. "Figure it out. I am not helping you." I said fixing my hair in the mirror in the living room. "Fine. You know, ever since we moved to London and switched schools, I've been getting bad grades." Greg said packing his bags. "Why are you blaming me?!" I said smacking him. "I don't know." Greg said laughing. "Just go meet Alyssa and get out of my face." I said throwing him his sandwich. "Thanks bro. See ya." He said running out the door. I flopped down on the couch until my mom was ready to drive me to school. "Mom, you are only going to drop me off and go grocery shopping! You don't need to look like some freaking french model!" I said yelling up the stairs. My mom came running down the stairs and threw some high heels on. "Yes I do. You always need to look good. Rule number 264." My mom said grabbing her purse. "This is why I don't hang out with you, Mother." I said walking out the door and into the garage. "Oh bite me." My mom said getting inside the car and starting it. "Fine." I said trying to bite her arm. "Niall James Horan! Do not bite your mother!" She said smacking my cheek. "Then don't ask for it." I said looking out the window. Once we got to the school. I got out and walked through the doors. 

Karen POV

"KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard my little brothers saying. "What you pig faces?!" I said putting the pillow over my ears. "Time to get up!" Ray said. I fake coughed. "IM SICK!" I said still fake coughing. "To bad!" I heard Ronny say. "Fine. Then Ill get you sick!" I said getting up and coughing on him. "EW! COOTIES!" Ronny yelled wiping the space I coughed on him on Ray. "Stop Ronny!" Ray said smacking him. "Ronald! Raymond! Stop fighting already!" I heard my pregnant mother say from outside. 
"Its all Kay's fault!" Ronny said pointing to me. "Don't wake me up then, little bastard." I said grabbing a towel and walking to the bathroom. "Oo! Kay said a bad word mom!" Ray said looking at my mom. "Oh bite me fucking pest." I said slamming the door and turning the water on. "I wish you were here dad." I said looking down. My dad died 3 months ago in Canada due to gun violence. We moved to London to start a new life. I took a shower, got out and got dressed. Ray and Ronnie were getting ready at the same time. "What time is it?" I asked my mom. "Its 6:30. We gotta be there in 15 minutes. Lets go guys." My mom said grabbing her car keys and throwing the twins in the car. I sat next to her and texted my friend Lottie who was still in Canada. Oh how I missed her. "Heres your stop Kay. Have a good day!" My mom said touching my back. I waved bye to her and walked into the school.

Layla POV

"Layla! Its time for school!" I heard my sister yell from downstairs. "I know Alice!" I yelled coming downstairs. "We have leftover quesadias! Want one?" My mom said handing me a plate. "Duh, you know their my favorite." I said grabbing like 4 of them. "Wheres papa?" Alice said walking around the house. "In the garden. You know how much he loves his jalepenios plant." My mom said taking a cake from the oven. "Why do we have cake? Wait, is it today!?" I said looking at the calendar hanging on the fridge. "Today is Jose's birthday! How could you forget?" My mom said putting the hot cake on the table. "I don't really talk to Jose that much. He's only turning 20. Not a big deal." I said grabbing some milk from the fridge. "En una gran cosa!!!!" My mom said smacking my hand. "Translate!?" Alice said taking the cereal from the cabinet. "I cant believe you live in a Mexican house, and you don't know spanish." I said grabbing a spoon. "I lived in a Mexican house for 3 years, then we moved here!" Alice said. "And besides mi amor, she's only 7." My mom said grabbing some salsa. "I don't care. She should know spanish." I said chowing on the quesadias. "Im late for school. Te Amo!" I said grabbing my backpack and running out. I was already showered and dressed and all that. I just fell asleep for a few more minutes. I brushed my hair as I walked there. I walked in the big school building.

Louis POV

"Daisy!" I yelled looking for my backpack in my room. "What Louis?!" Daisy, my little sister, yelled running in. "Where's my backpack!? I know how much you like using it to play fort with Phoebe." I said pointing in her face. "You mean the blue one with black stripes?" Daisy said with a smirk wiped across her face. "Yes the only backpack I have." I said sitting on my bed. "Look under your bed." Daisy said laughing and walking out. "Its not there Dais! I checke-what." I said looking under my bed and seen it. "But it wasn't there 2 minutes ago!" I said yelling down the stairs. "Magic Louis!" Fizzy said handing me some water. "Im saying." I said chugging down the water. "Creepy little kids." Phoebe said. "What are you doing here?!" I said pointing at Phoebe. "I slept in your closet. Me and Daisy were playing hide and seek and I fell asleep in there." Phoebe said running out. "Okay?" I said confused. "Imma go mum. Catch you later." I said walking out and walking on the bus. I got into school, ready to start a new day. 

Liam POV

"Mom! Im hungry!" I yelled. "Chill Liam! Moms making food." Ruth said sitting on my lap. "You weigh like 4984584 pounds! Get off me!" I said pushing her off. "Damn kid, chill." Nicola said handing me some pancakes. "Someone brings me food! Finally!" I said chowing down on some pancakes and getting ready for school. "You don't wanna be late Liam. Hurry up!" Charolete said pushing me out the door. "Chill girl! Im almost done." I said finishing my pancake. I grabbed my backpack, went on the bus, and got to school.

~Sorry for the shortness. I have to go somewhere fast and I need to hurry up. Xoxo-Layla <3~ 

Zayn POV

"Zayn! Come on!" Safaa said jumping on the bed. "Safaa you woke me up! You know I don't like being woken up." I said dropping her. "GET USED TO IT!" she said jumping off. "Waliyah! Doniya! Come get ready!" My my mom yelled from their bedroom. "Coming! Calm down." Waliyah said coming out of the bedroom. "Morning Saffa, Zayn." She said walking past my bedroom and waving at us with a tired look. "Morning Waliyah!" Safaa said running to her. "Wheres Doniyah? I swear she was just with me." Waliyah said looking back surprised. "I don't know. She probably fell back asleep." I said finishing my breakfast. (Oh yeah by the way I got breakfast. I just thought I should say that.) "Zayn get ready." My mom said throwing me a towel. I got in the shower and came out with a towel around my waist. "Go get dressed naked boy!" Safaa said kicking me. "Express my nude self!" I said rubbing my stomach on her. "Ew a naked Zayn. Thats gonna be hard to get out of my head." Doniya said brushing her hair. I laughed and got dressed. Once I was done I caught the bus and waited until I got to school. 

( Oh yeah this is their outfits by the way. Heh(:









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