Friends 'till the end.

8 people. 8 whole different lives. What happens when these 8 people meet? Follow the stories of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Layla Ramirez, Karen Garcia, and Cecelia Martinez and see what happens when they meet.


2. Layla's house.

Layla POV

"Blue team who will be working on Ancient Egypt is, "Layla..." Great. Im working on Egypt. Might as well listen to who's in my team. "Louis,Karen,Harry,Liam,Zayn,Niall, and Cecelia." Thank god this is last period. Well I guess that Harry kid is kinda cute. I could have some fun. I didn't really talk to these people. Yay, meeting new people. "Blue group will have to present in 6 weeks. Have fun!" Mrs Wilson said as she sat at her desk. The bell rang and we all went out. I went to my locker and saw my whole group walk towards me. This could be fun. "Hi. Im Louis. People call me Lou." Louis said holding out his hand. "Layla." I said taking his hand and shaking it. "Im Har-wow." Harry said looking at me. "Hi Harwow. Im Layla." I said laughing and patting his back. His cheeks were the pinkest pink. "Harry! Snap out of it!" Liam said smacking him. "Harry! Im Harry." He said holding out his hand. "Cecelia. But you can call me Cece." The short girl, who's name was Cece, said. "Hello. Im Layla. As you may know." I said. She laughed and I met everyone else. "I was thinking maybe you guys could come to my house to work on the project. Meet my family and all that good stuff." I said putting my books in my locker. "Great. So see you around 5?" I said handing each of them a paper with my address. "Sounds good!" Louis said. They all agreed with him. I nodded and left. I walked to my house and opened to my sister Alice doing math homework. "Momma! Layla is here!" Alice screamed looking up. "Layla! Why so early?" My mom said coming out of the kitchen with flour all over her apron. "I took the short way home." I said dropping my backpack on the couch and sitting down. "Oh. I see." My mother said cleaning up. "Oh and Im having some friends over today. Is that alright Momma?" I said looking up. "Si. Its alright with me, as long as you clean up your friends mess afterwards." My mother said sweeping the wood floor that was next to the living room. That room didn't have a name so we call it 'la habitación contigua a la sala de estar'. Or, the room next to the living room. I looked at the clock and seen 4:45. "OH GOD! THEY WILL BE HERE ANY MINUTE!" I said getting up. I fixed the place I was sitting at and cleaned the kitchen tables. I heard a knock at the door. I sighed and went to the door. I seen Zayn and smiled. "Your here early." I said laughing. "Im an early birdie." Zayn said with his cheesy smile. "Well come in. Project isn't gonna do itself!" I said pulling him in. He stood there in amazement. "Need anything?" I said laughing at him. "Your house. So clean and big." Zayn said in awe. "Thanks." I said laughing and sitting him on a chair in the kitchen. "Want any food?" I said. "Sure. Anything I could have?" Zayn said tapping the table "Carnitas?" I said turning on the stove. "What." Zayn said confused. "You never been to mexico before huh?" I said laughing. "Well, no." Zayn said ashamed. "Well Im from America, you can tell from my accent, and when I was in America, I lived in a part called Chicago. It had a lot of Mexicans. So bam." I said using hand motions. "I love when you explain things." Zayn said softly. "What." I said with shock. "Nothing, nothing." Zayn said snapping out of it. "Layla! Es su amigo?" My Mom yelled from upstairs. I looked up and moaned. "Si Momma!" I yelled back making the carnitas. "Mom?" Zayn said. "Yep." I said flipping the tortias. "Alice! Limpia tu habitación ahora! Tenemos invitados más!" I heard my mom yelling from upstairs. "MOMMA! ITS CLEAN ALREADY!" Alice yelled from upstairs. "No! I see clothes and blankets! You are living like a pig girl!" My mom said walking downstairs. "Oh my god!!" I yelled taking Zayn's hand and walking upstairs. I threw him in my room and went outside. Yes, I left Zayn in my room. "Ustedes necesitan que se callara. Hay alguien aquí y me estás avergonzando. Por favor. SHUT UP!" I yelled from outside. I walked back in my room and saw Zayn there sitting in shock. "Well, tell me about yourself." Zayn said patting the bed so I can sit next to him. "Well there are 5 of us. Me,Jose,Alice,Juan,and Luis. And then Papa and Momma. I call them mom and dad." I said laying down. "Damn. Thats a lot." Zayn said laughing. "LAYLA! A BOY IS HERE! HIS NAME IS HARRY!" Alice screamed from downstairs. "SEND HIM UP HERE ALICE!" I yelled. "KAY." She said. 3 minutes later Harry entered the room. "Hey guys." Harry said chowing down on a carnitia. "This is like the best thing ever." Harry said sitting down and placing his coat on the floor. "Lemme see." Zayn said taking it away from him and eating some. "This is the best thing ever!" Zayn said giving it back to Harry. "Did my dad give you that? He makes the best carnitas." I said smiling. "Yeah. Wait thats your dad?!" Harry said surprised. "Yeah why?" I said laughing. "Can he be my dad?!" Harry said laughing. "No! I love my dad. He's the one who makes the best mexican food EVER!" I said laughing. "LUIS!!!!!!!!!" I heard my mom yell. "MOMMA!!!!! SE ENCUENTRA EN EL JARDÍN." I yelled back to my mother. "Thanks daughter." My mom said. "You guys speak spanish here?" Harry said confused. "We came from America. In chicago there was a lot of mexicans so yeah." I said nodding my head. "You only speak spanish here?" Zayn said surprised. "Yeah. Except Alice. She doesn't like it." I said taking my jacket off. "Why?" Harry said opening his water bottle. "She said in London, there are no Mexicans, and none of her friends are Mexican." I said sighing. "Wow." Zayn said looking down. My phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and seen my brother Jose. I answered it. " ¿Hola? ¿Qué quieres decir? Oh mi dios. Usted jodido a lo grande. Está bien, se lo diré. Bye." I said in between each other. "MAMÁ! JOSE un bache en la autopista y en mal estado la comida!" I yelled. You heard momma moan and walk into my room. "DOY UN MUCHACHO QUE TRABAJO! TORNILLOS Y ÉL PARA ARRIBA! ¿Crees que me VINO DE MEXICO PARA AMERICA A LONDRES PARA VIVIR COMO ESTA? NO! Ese chico va a pagar. Tú quédate aquí mientras yo y tu hermana y padre ir con esto." She yelled. I nodded in agreement and she left. "Well, hi." Cece said at the door. "Hey." I said laughing. "That was your mom?" Cece said sitting in the bean bag on the floor. "Yeah." I said walking downstairs. Harry followed me. "You have anymore of those good tacos?" Harry said tapping my back. "Ill make some right now." I said laughing. "Thanks!" Harry said hugging me and sitting in the chair next to the table. "No Problem." I said laughing. I heard a knock at the door. "Ill get it." I said running to the door. I opened the door to see Louis and Karen standing next to each other. "Hey guys! Come in!" I said pulling them in. "Okay." They both said laughing. They sat on the couch and watched a show called 'Friends'. Harry was helping me make carnitas. When they were all done, me and Harry dug into them like the last food ever on Earth. "Wheres Niall and Liam!?" Harry said. "Its 5:30. They should be here already." Karen said looking at the time on her phone. "Traffic, forgot, or to lazy." I said looking up. "Yeah maybe." Louis said standing next to Harry. "Well what do you want to do?" I said sitting down. "We could have a sleepover." Karen said like she was joking. "Kay." I said serious. "For real? I was just joking." Karen said laughing. "I wasn't. You guys wanna sleep over? Fine. I got time." I said laughing. "For real!? I can!? YAY!" Karen said laughing and jumping up and down. "Wait, clothes?" Louis said settling her down. "I have 3 brothers. I think I have some clothes for you people." I said laughing. "Kay then, we're good." Louis said letting her go. "I cant wait till school is over. 7 more weeks..." I said laying on the table. "Im saying." Harry said stroking my hair. "We should do something funny." Karen said. "We could...make a video and post it on You Tube?" Louis said. "Yeah!" I said grabbing my camera from the dining room. "Your prepared." Harry said laughing. "Me and Dave used to video tape each other." I said looking down. "Dave?" Harry said confused but at the same time, with anger. "Yeah he was my ex boyfriend, he...lets make a video!" I said trying not to tell them. "Kay, what should we do?" Louis said setting up the camera. "We could just talk about us and our lives." Karen said sitting on the couch. Louis set the camera up where neither of us had to hold it. "Kay. Recording in 3,2,1!" Louis said hitting the button and running to the couch. "Hi." We all said at the same time. We all laughed and then Louis started talking. "Well, Im Louis." He said pointing to himself. "Layla." I said raising my hand. Harry smiled at me and looked at the camera. "Hey, Im Harry." He said waving. Boy was he cute. "And Im Karen." Karen said standing up. "Today we are going to talk about, our lives." Louis said. "Yeah, we all have different lives." Karen said sitting back down. "Who wants to start?" Louis said looking at us. "I will." I said moving closer to the camera. "So, Hi. Im Layla Ramirez. Yeah Im Mexican American. Problem? Um, I come from a city in America called Chicago. Yeah, it is cool. Um, I have 4 other siblings. Jose,Alice,Luis,and Juan. And 2 parents who love me. Oh and Im an Aunt! Jose got a girl pregnant, yeah. Man Whore." I said laughing. "Anyway. Thats all you gotta know. Bye." I said leaving. We heard a beep and that means the camera died. "UGH!" I said hitting it. "Damn chill! It'll be alright." Karen said laughing. "Kay." I said putting the camera down. "Lets, play truth or dare!!" Karen said sitting us on the floor. We heard knocking on the door and Louis went to go get it. Niall and Liam were here. "Sorry we were late. SOMEONE had to stop at Nando's." Liam said looking at Niall who was eating god knows what. "Its fine. Come in. We're playing truth or dare!" Louis said pulling them in. Karen went to go get Zayn and Cece, then we will start. Once the 3 of them came down, we all sat down and began. "Okay, Layla, truth or dare?" Louis said looking at me. "Oh shit. Truth." I said looking back at him the same way. "Okay, I got it." Louis said looking all around. "If you had to choose one boy here to give a blow job to, who would it be?" Karen blurted out. "Really? Thats hard." I whispered to her. "I know." Karen said leaning on the couch. "I would give one to Harry. He seems nice." I said looking at him. Everyones eyes got big and looked at Harry. "Well, start now."Harry said standing up. "You wish!" I said pushing him. "Well then." Harry said sitting next to me. "Okay Zayn. Truth or dare?" Liam said. "Truth." Zayn said. "Okay, who's the cutest girl here, in your opinion?" Liam said. "I don't wanna say." He said covering his face. "You have to. Your live is on the line of it!" Louis yelled. "But I have a crush on her, if I tell her, then it will be awkward between us." Zayn said standing up. "Come on Zayn! Don't be a pussy!" Niall said walking by him. "Why don't we all just admit who we like?" Cece said standing up. "We all say it at the same time." Liam said. "Okay, 1, 2, 3" Louis counted down. "Layla." I heard Niall, Zayn, and Harry say. "Harry." I said. "Cece." Louis said. "Louis." Cece said. "Karen." Liam said. "Liam." Karen said. "AWW YOU 2 LIKE EACH OTHER!" Everyone said pointing to Cece and Louis. We did the same with Karen and Liam. I seen Zayn look at me and Harry, and he ran upstairs. Blahh. 

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