Friends 'till the end.

8 people. 8 whole different lives. What happens when these 8 people meet? Follow the stories of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Layla Ramirez, Karen Garcia, and Cecelia Martinez and see what happens when they meet.


3. Awkward moment with Layla . . . & My house.

Zayn POV

I like Layla. But she likes Harry. And Harry likes her back. This is bad. I don't want anything awkward between us 3, and I'm sure, almost positive, that it will be. And Niall likes her too. God. I ran into Layla's room and slammed the door. I heard knocking on the door. "Zayn?Are you alright?" I heard a girl say. "Its Layla, Zayn. I wanna talk to you." Layla said still knocking. "Alright. Come in." I said sitting on the bed. She came in and sat down. She hugged me. "What's wrong Boo?" She said stroking my hair. "I like you, but I don't want anything awkward between us. Because if we ever date, then break up, we wont talk anymore." I said crying in her shoulder. "Zayn! Nothing is awkward between us!" She said lifting my head. I was looking in her eyes. "Your really nice,you are super handsome, and you have a big heart." She said again. I smiled at her. "Thanks." I said getting cheesy. I felt blushes come on. "So why him? Why Harry?" I said holding her head. "Well, I don't know. Something about him makes me feel like he's the one." She said stroking my shirt. "What about Niall? You know he likes you too." I said still holding her. "I know. I think Louis and Harry are talking to him." She said rocking back and forth with me. We stood in silence for a while, we lay on the bed we shut the lights off. It was only 7 at night. "Can I tell you a story?" She said tracing my tattoos. "Anything." I said looking up at the roof. "Well, there was this guy, Dave. He was my boyfriend. My everything at the time," She said. I heard her tears come on. "Well, we got in a fight. I left his house and...." She said crying. She cried in my shirt and I held her head. "I seen a guy with a gun and..." she said starting to let more tears fall. "He shot at me." She said now watering her eyes out. I never seen a girl cry this much. "But Dave was, following me. And he blocked the bullet from hitting me." She said grasping my shirt. "He got shot in the chest." She said grabbing my shoulders and crying on them. I held her tightly as she started talking. "My boyfriend took a bullet for me, and died right in front of me!" she screamed. "The one that got away." she said crying. "I miss him so much!" She yelled. "I know sweetheart. Its fine. You have us 7 to take care of you. And we have a bond that will never die. Trust me Layla." Zayn said looking at me. "This is why your amazing." She said kissing my cheek. I looked at her mouth speak. I loved her accent. "Maybe you could come over to my house Layla." I said out loud. "Sure!" Layla said getting up. "Wait, you mean now?" Zayn said looking at me. "Why not? Lets just say we're going to the store." Layla said grabbing her phone. "I need to change first. I look hideous." She said walking in her bathroom. I sat there on her bed. I tried not to look at her. "Zayn you can look at me, I don't care." She said laughing. "I could put on some music!" She said running to her Ipod. "Pick any song you want." She said looking at me. "I hit shuffle and 'Tonight' By Enrique Iglesias was on. "Oh this my jam!" Layla said walking out of the bathroom. She started singing. "Come on Zayn!" She said grabbing my hands. "I know you know this song!" She said pulling me. We both sang the song at the same time. "But tonight Im fucking you!" We both screamed. I pulled her into a twist until the was close to my face. The radio played the part where it said 'Tonight Im fucking you.' again. I looked into Layla's deep blue eyes. She looked at me. She hit the ipod speaker so it would skip this song. A slow song played. It was called 'Take you down' by Chris Brown. "You don't know how much I want you right now..." Layla said softly. I looked at her and started sweating. She moved away. "Why don't we go to your house?" She said grabbing her jacket. "That sounds good." I said looking at the ground. "Come on." she said taking my hand. I followed her, we ran out the back door to Layla's moms car. "Come on. Can you drive?" She asked me. "Yeah Ill drive." I said getting in the front seat. She turned on the radio. She chilled at almost fell asleep, until we got to my house. I pulled up in the drive way and woke Layla up. "Yeah?" She said getting up. "Come on sleepy head, we're here." I said pushing her hair out of her face. "Oh yeah, thats right." Layla said getting up. I pulled the keys out of my pocket and opened the door with them. There was Safaa chilling on the couch. "Oh no, Come on, we gotta get out of here before anyone sees us." I whispered to her. I carried her bridal style and ran her to my room. I shut the door and threw her on the bed. "Zayn, I honestly want to go out with you. Will you go out with me?" She asked me. "Yes Layla, I will." I said grabbing her hands. "Great." She said kissing me.

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