Love and Friends

vanessa bieber had moved to holmes chapel england to work on her music career with her three best friends miyasia,lauren, and kate. then she meets a group of five boys that not only help her but change her life forever.


4. learning about them

Vanessa's P.O.V.

I pulled the girls to the side.

"so your telling me......that that in a famous boy band?" i asked miyasia.

"errrrmmmmmm......yeah. but---" i immediatly cut her off.

"WHAT!!!!!! I REALLY DONT KNOW IF I SHOULD BE HAPPY OR NOT," i began talking really fast," i mean he is relaly cute! but he is in a boyband that i am not a big fan of no ofense. And i think we had a moment. Did we have a moment? We had a moment right?," at this point i was talk to myself. breathing heavly, " i would be really cool if we dated. oh but he is in a boy band. it would never work out. he would be on the road all the time and we would not have any time together. we would start drifting apart and--- wait why am i thinking about this? we just met and--." i got cut off buy the store clerk.

She was wearing jean shorts, a nice blouce with flowers all over it. Her hair was in a practically perfect braid. she was also wearing pink high tops.

"Are you okay?" she asked us with a sort of worried and excited look on her face.

"ummmmm.... yeah totally. whats your name?" lauren asked.

"i'm haley. do you see that guy over there? thats---"

i cut her off. i already knew who that was. i really wasnt in the mood for another meltdown again.

"zayn malik. trust me i know." i said in a sum what annoyed but excited tone.

the girls and i walked back to him.

"ummm..... thanks for catching me." i said

" your welcome. he me and the other lads are going to the food court. want to come with?" he asked.

" Did you say OTHER LADS?!?!?!," miyasia and kate said in unison.

they looked liked they were about to explode.

"the other guys are here?" kate asked.

I was becoming really nervous.

"yeah. so you guys in?" zayn asked.

everyone was looking straight at me. it was up to me. i think miayasia said something about how there were 5 guys last time we hung out.

"okay but only if haley comes with us. what do you say haley?" i asked

"sure i'll have cindy cover for me." she replied.

i really hope the other guys dont have an affect on the girls like zayn had an affect on me. we go.






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