Love and Friends

vanessa bieber had moved to holmes chapel england to work on her music career with her three best friends miyasia,lauren, and kate. then she meets a group of five boys that not only help her but change her life forever.


2. falling


Vanessa's P.O.V.

   Right now i am going to the mall with my three best friends. Miyasia, Lauren, and Kate. I met them at music school when i was 16. Its a funny story really. Kate had tripped in the cafeteria sending her food through the air landing on me. She came up to me apologizing like crazy. She lent me a shirt she had in her locker. Later that day she introduced me to Miyasia and Lauren and we've been best friends ever since. So, when they heard that i was moving to holmes chapel they needed to come. But here is the difference between them and me. They're rich. Thats how they were able to afford going to music school. I had gotten a scholarship. Thats how they were able to afford to come here on such short notice. It had taken me years to save up to move. They're so lucky. Anyway, while we were at the mall i saw a really cool pair of boots. They were knee high pleather boots with 2 inch heals


" Hey guys. Come check these out " I called.

" OMG!! Those would go great with the outfit you are waering now instead of those old, black, fuzzy, boots. " Lauren replied.

I was wearing pleather shorts with net stockings and a belly shirt.\

" Should i get them?" I asked.

" Yeah! Totally! " Kate answered.

" OH MAN!! " I yelled.

" What?" Miyasia asked.

" They're two hundred dollars!!" I said in frustration.

" Don't worry. I will buy it for you." Miyasia said.

" Oh no! i couldn't let you do that!" I replied.

" No really! It's totes ok!" Miyasia said.

" Thanks Miyasia!" I said giving her a big hug.


As soon as Miyasia bought me the boots i put them on. They looked awsome! As we were walking out of the store i tripped. But before i could fall on the ground a guy caught me. He had spiky, brown hair with  a blond stripe. He had big beautiful brown eyes that locked with mine as he caught me. Who is he?



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