new beginning


1. back together

i woke up to my dad yelling"skyler get up come meet my new clients." My dad got a new gob as a music producer. I live in london. I walked down stairs and saw 4 hot guys siting on my couch."OMG one direction is in my house oh one sec let me go change "I said. I was in sweat pants and a spaghetti strap and my hair is in a mesy bun."you dont have to change and get all fancey just to meet us" said harry." okay" i said sounding suspishus. So I sat on the floor."oh do u want to sit in my spot love" asked niall "um i dont want you siting on the floor cus you are the gust so" I was intrupted by niall saying "you can sit on my lap if youed like so we're both not siting on the floor"really fast."um" "great niall,you just made her un cumtrable in her own home"said liam.I giggled a bit and then got up and sat on nialls lap"oh hay love"said niall. "what is your name"zayn said "oh sorry i did not intrduse my self im skyler green,hay where is louis?""he is at wallmart getting food to go to our new flat"said zayn"simon (my step dad) can i go on the xfactor? "no you are to young and have no experience""what is your talent?" asked liam"louis walked in the door and said "what is this skylers last name?"the other boys looked confused at why he is asking what my last name was."green". i said smiling "ahahahahahahaha i havent seen you in years sky sky"he shouted like a little kid "lou lou its so great to see you again" i said like a kid back trying to mok him. I got up off niall and ran to lou i jumped into his arms and rapped around him putting my head on his shoulder and squeezed him tite. He fliped me bridle style and walked in the living room were everyone is and sat an th e floor."you did not anwnser my question,what is your talent?"asked liam. "every" I was intrupted by lou "every musicale instrument including singing""how do you guys know each other?"asked niall. "We were like twins sinse we were two."we said two together"jinx double jinx, triple jinx,""ok stop you are giving me a headake" said liam. "hay do you guys want to go the beach?" I asked the boys."YAAAA" they shouted at the same time."ok i will go get changed" "can i pick out your bathing sout for you pleeeeeeeeeease" begged lou. Lou made the cutest puppy dog face I just couldn't say no "fine but all the guys have to help choose" "ok"lou said and jumped up and ran to my room. i laght then said "come on" we all ran to my room and lou had already pulled out ALL 14 of my bathing souits and had them spread out on my bed. I have all tipes of bathing souts bakeynes, swim trunks, one pieaces, and tankenes. My fave is my strapless tie die bakeyne top and my flower swim trunks. " hay skyler how about this one" said lou holding up my strapless tie die bakeyne top and my flower swim trunks. " oooo hay ill go put it on".

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