Four DJing/Acapella girls come together through a series of twists and turns of relationships. Can they manage?


4. Ryan-First day of school

Ryan's P.O.V.


"First day of school..." I mumbled. I was getting worried-sick. How will my jocky guy friends and slutty popular girls like her? This was getting so out of hand. "Becca! Could you hurry up now? Um... we're leaving in five minutes."


"You excited?" a voice chimed as Becca ran down the stairs in a peaceful outfit. She had on a floral romper and her hair was in a sock bun. I could tell Becca was wearing makeup because Becca looked like she was going throuhg a torture device. She looked gorgeous and not too over-showing with her blue cardigan. She didn't look like her geek/nerdy self in the plane yesterday, nor did she look like that careless DJ girl once we arrived at my house. She looked... girly. Girly was completely different from careless DJ girl or the cute and sensitive geeky girl.


"I'm excited alright," I answered, grinning. My plans for today were to ditch Becca with my friends (making sure they wouldn't hurt her) and go on the computers in the library to search her user up on YouTube. "I'm sure my friends are going to become good friends with you."


She smiled, rolling her eyes. "Yeah right. Like they will actually like me."


"Why?" I asked, confused.


"I'm quite a loner. I work alone," she answered proudly. Why was she so proud? Being a loner was one of my worst nightmares. "It helps me think and I get inspiration from doing things my own way with no interference."


"But friends don't interfere with plans," I retorted. "You need friends, like, that's a sin not to, you know that, right?"


She stood up from strapping her ankle boots. She had her hands on her hips, giving me "the look". I've got many of these from my mom and I knew they weren't a good sign. "A, you sound like some girl, and B, I never said I didn't have friends. I'm just not close to them, that's all."


"So you don't have a best friend?"


She sighed, exasperated. "I have many friends, and if you have friends, you obviously have a best and a worst friend. In my case they're the same person." She crouched back down to strapping up her leather knee-length boots.


Confusing-much? I thought glumly. I grabbed my backpack as Becca grabbed hers. "All we need is our Lunch and your waterbottle... if you want you can bring money and a notebook to take notes in, okay?" She nodded as if my informantion was trash. Humph.


We walked over to my car. "You drive a Mercedes?" she asked, surprised.


"Why are you surprised? I may live in a manion and you may not, but you are officially twice as rich than our family are," I defended.


Becca rolled her eyes, folding her arms. "Your Dad owns a chair in the political department. He's running for Prime Minister, you stupid." I flinched back, slightly offended. She slightly raised both eyebrows as if I was supposed to react to that. "And your Mom is what... a model for Vogue?"


"No," I answered automatically. That's what Becca saw my mother as? "She's a lawyer."




"Okay," I snapped, "my parents may be taking leadership in the political department, but your parents are both evolving into newer and better species in the fame and fortune department, not to mention the beauty department."


She rolled her eyes again. I was starting to think it was a habit with her. Then again, she looked like she many habits and freaky obsessions (no offense if Becca's reading my mind). "Why are we even having this conversation?"


"You tell me," I muttered as I got into the drivers' seat. "You can sit in the back seat, if you want to... it is my car."


She shrugged as she sat in the passengers' seat. Nerdy to DJ to Girly to Rebelious? This girl was hard to keep up with, or maybe this was just how she "rocked out"-something my friends would descibe a persona-changing girl.


Once we were at my massive school, I could see from the corner of my eye, Becca's jaw drop. God. She was the rich little girl who got two thousand dollar DJ equiptment and she was this bombed when she sees a school?


"Whoa," she breathed as she marched down the pathway to the main entrance of the school. I opened the door for her to go in, but she just rolled her eyes and marched through automatic doors that were already opened. Once she stepped through the doors, she dropped and grabbed her notebook from her mini backpack in one graceful move and scribbled something down that looked more like a drawing.


"What are you doing?" I asked, cocking my head so I could see her work. A drawing for the school. And she scribbled some messy writing below the picture that looked like: "new inpiration: Just the way you are/Alejandro". I gasped. She looked up and quickly threw her notebook into her backpack, standing up. "How are you going to mashup those songs? They're so different."


She glared at me. "A DJ never tells her secrets."


"I thought those were magicians who never told their secrets," I mumbled as I let her glared even more right at the back of my head. I could hear her boots as she walked behind me after a few seconds of staying still. "We all meet in the cafeteria each year, so yeah..."


"Coolio," she said.


"The Demonata?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. She nodded coolly. "Really? You? A girl reading those books? It's even shocking a girl knows who Darren Shan is."


She scoffed.


"I'm quite the bookworm," she explained. I looked behind my shoulder at her, still raising one eyebrow. "I'm weird like that," she answered with a shrug.


I looked back straight and grinned. And I like that.


We marched up to the second office on the second floor to get our schedules. "Names please," the secretary said. She gasped when I answered, "Ryan Louis and Becca Williams." Two famous people's kids. How possible.


"Here are your schedules. Becca Williams, welcome to the school. My name is Andrea and I've seen your mashups. They obviously deserve much more views, likes and you have quite the potentional as a fame seeker."


Becca blushed. NO FAIR! A, Becca blushed because the female, wrinkly, old secretary compliments her and B, how come the secretary never told me her name nevertheless sound always sarcastic when she talked to me.


"Let's go," I mumbled as I grabbed Becca's wrist with the schedules in my hands. Becca only had enough time to say "thank you, bye!" before I dragged her to the cafeteria where I'll introduce her to my friends.


"Jesus, someone's angry. Sorry for flirting with Andrea," she said teasingly. I had to smile at that. I opened the cafeteria doors and an paper airplane flew right at Becca. "Ow," she squeaked as it poked the rim of her glasses.


"Becca!" I spun around to face her. I lifted her chin. "Are you okay?"


"I'm so sorry!" a familiar voice yelled as they got closer.


It was Keiran, my best bud. Becca quickly pushed me away. "I'm fine, God. It just hit my glasses, overreacting-much."


Keiran had to smile. "Who's the new girl here?" he said as he watched an innocent-looking Becca rub her eyes.


I ignored him. "Are you sure you're not hurt?"


She nodded. She finally stopped and slid her glasses back on, revealing her emerald green eyes. "My name is Becca Williams."


Keiran froze as his eyes widened. "This schools filled with them."


Becca's head cocked to one side,a confused gesture. "What do you mean that the schools filled with them... with what?"


Keiran opened his mouth, but I quickly shoved Keiran away from Becca. I dragged him to the corner of the cafeteria to talk. Becca just stood there, an half-annoyed and half-dissapointed look on her face as she stepped away to let the sluts of our school walk by. She offered tight smiled at each other them. The last one (OMG, it's Ashley) looked at her and smiled. Ashley was the dumb-girl kind of type with curly long brown hair and flawless fair skin. She was super-tall and skinny and not one of those mean girls. They looked like they were having some conversation. Good. No voilence.


I glared at a grinning Keiran. "One, don't even mention she's famous because she doesn't classify herself as rich or famous, okay? And two, that was so rude." Keiran just raised an expectant eyebrow. "And no, we aren't dating." His face lit up. "But she's already taken." Which was a lie. I didn't know if she had a boyfriend or not. "So none for you." Keiran just shrugged, skipping like a six year old girl to Becca.


I rolled my eyes. This was going to be a very long day.

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