Four DJing/Acapella girls come together through a series of twists and turns of relationships. Can they manage?


7. Ryan-DJ's problems

Ryan's P.O.V.

I watched dumbly as Becca turned on her DJing instruments. Once she was done, she slowly put on her headphones. She checked out her laptop screen and glared at it. She sighed and started wheeling the table closer to her, glaring at her laptop screen. She squinted, nodded in relief and backed away from the table that closed her in the wall. Her amber hair brightened her whole face with the light green screen behind her. Man, she looked focused. Like of cute.

"You ready-?" I asked.

She just glared at me in her totally-not girlish self.

She looked up at me and blinked. She must have forgotten she invited me to watch her play the Skrillex and Santigold remix her idol, Mike Tompkins, created. "Oh, um, right." She blushed and looked down at her lighting MIDI controller flashing amber, green and yellow lights that nearly blinded me. She turned her room lights down and smiled at me. "Okay. Check, check," she said through the booms mic.

I nodded at her, giving her the encouragement. The DJ mix blasted on and I had to smile. It sounded like it took a while to work on.

"Only two days," Becca informed through her booms mic, grinning. I raised an eyebrow which shut her smile off.

"I could watched you for a life time," she sang through her Elvis Presley-Logo ribbon mic. With her head close to the boomers mic, her mouth formed a wicked but cute snarl of a wolf. "Schza, schza, schza wow! Schza, schza, schza wow! Woo. A thousand endings-"

"RYAN AND BECCA! COME DOWN FOR DINNER PLEASE, AND THANK YOU!" Mom's voice screamed through our ears as Becca was about to sing.

"Sorry," I said to Becca. She smiled weakly as she took her headphones off. Even Chantelle's loud booming voice was overpowering the thousand dollar headphones.

We skipped downstairs, Becca trailing behind me with an sour expression imprinted onto her face. "Hey Mom. What do you want?"

"Since this was Becca's first official school day," she spoke out loud in her responsible, motherly voice, which from experience, never lasted for long. "Your father and I would like to take you to the local mall, freshen your clothes and, well, shop for accessories."

Becca shrugged in a cool way, smirking. "I'm not to sure Chantelle, it seems pretty reckless to go shopping for me right now. And I really don't need new clothes. I'm perfectly loving the way I... dress."

Chantelle obviously didn't want to hurt her feelings, but through her eyes, Becca was wearing trash. I thought it was pretty cute: ripped jeans, black studded boots, gothic under-eye eyeliner, a temporary silver heart tattoo below her eye and a stylish silver-sequinned shirt that said "FUBeach" on the lower corner. To tie it all together she wore a black leather jacket, making her skinny body a little more buff.

Chantelle smiled all mother-like as she cupped her hands around her coffee. "You make sense, my dear, but-"

"-But, I would like to go shopping and since you're part Louis, you will now start wearing professional-looking blazer, tighter pants and less offence tops, understood?" my twin sister snapped as she crossed her arms. "I mean who wears that stuff? And those headphones? Talk about clashing an already clashed outfit."

I glared at her. I did not know how she was related. The only things that related between us was that we were both popular. "Rebecca, be quiet please."

"This makes us twins," Rebecca continued. I glanced at Becca and almost  squealed when I saw the calm and collected look on her face. "How?" she asked, her soft voice echoing through the halls.

"You're partly Louis now that you'll believing with us for a few years"-I sensed Chantelle jerk behind me-"and that your name is Becca. My name is Rebecca, but everyone calls me Beca. Maybe they can just call you Becky or Bec or something."

"Rebecca! Drop the act, young lady," Joe's voice boomed as he came in, his eyebrows knitted together.

I shrugged and looked back at Becca. She looked torn, like she just discovered the biggest and dirtiest secret about her. "Becca? You okay? You look a little pale."

She slowly dropped her jaw and tears flowed down her cheeks. 

"Becca?" Nathan's small voice squeaked as he ran up to hug the crying Becca. That should have been me. I should have been hugging her. Supporting her. Instead here I was, just watching the whole thing like an unwanted bystander. I decided to make myself useful as I stepped in front of Rebecca and shoved her backwards, her butt hitting the side of the stairs. Her blonde hair flew as she landed, a shocked expression across her face.

"You're such a monster!" I roared. I felt good to finally have the chance to yell at my all-star, perfect, straight A IB sister. Sometimes she could be so innocent, and then the next... Horrid. She was like Bruno Mars' Grenade song all over again.

Chantelle and Joe pushed us apart. "You are both grounded." But their glares were directed more towards my sister. I snickered and then Joe's face snapped towards me. "Both. Now go upstairs and sort this out with no violence while we... will discuss."

"I'm not going to go up there with her... alone, and I want to stay here and support Becca." Rebecca sneered.

"Come on older brother, let's sort this out...

A few minutes later...

"... What the hell?! ALL I CARE ABOUT IS MY REPUTATION?!" Rebecca roared, her hand close to knocking one of Chantelle's expensive vases over. We were in Rebecca's room since mine was way to stuffy and Becca's had too many gadgets. "WHAT ABOUT YOU?"



"No one wants to stalk you, nevertheless even classify you as something worth to stalk," I muttered.

Rebecca grabbed a cheap porcelain doll that Megan, our four year old sister, owner and threw one in my direction. Unfortunately, it was Megan's favourite. We helplessly watched the beautiful doll slide down the stairs, receiving bruises and dents before it rolled next to the fire. The glass of the doll slightly melted and pooled around.

"OH MY GOD!" Rebecca screamed.

"Quiet down!" I snapped as she slapped my forearm. "Why couldn't you be more like Nathan, Julia or Megan? They're so obedient and talented at something while you... are just YOU."

She scoffed. "I am an IB student in all subjects while you are literally failing every subject." I rolled my eyes. "I am very responsible and careful unlike you and that ugly Becca girl."

"Right after you ruin Megan's life worth collection, you're proven to be the most graceful person there is," I spat. I was both mentally and physically stronger than Rebecca when it came to fights, debates, and anything aggressive. "And what is up with you and Becca? A few weeks before when we realized she was coming, you've been gossiping, texting and acting grumpier than normal which may be impossible, but now here you are, proof to such absurd acts."

Rebecca screamed again as she tried to slapped my arm, but I dodged and made her stumble forwards a bit. She whipped my direction and glared. "It's you who's been acting strange, actually. Since you've heard about this girl coming, you've been all day-dreamy and lovey-dovey. Are you in love with her or something? It's like you're dating her! You... You sick thing!"

"I am the sick thing now?!" I roared back. "I cannot believe you. Why would you do such a thing to her? She probably didn't even know she was staying for her life-time, and you didn't need to-"

"Why do you like her?" Rebecca's question stopped me in my tracks. "Why? She's nothing! She dresses like trash, acts like garbage and thinks like an rebel. Why her?"

"Are you jealous?" I asked. "That I might like her more than I like you?"

She froze. Rebecca and an weren't identical twins. Rebecca looked nothing like Chantelle or Joe. She had blonde hair rather than the different shades of brown. She had big green eyes, just like Becca's, but were misty, making them look like they'd taken one of the fairies potions in Shakespeare. She had natural olive skin, kind of like me, but my skin wasn't natural. It was all a tan. She was really pretty, but had traits that made her look ugly no matter what view you saw her in.

"YOU BASTARD!" Rebecca screamed again as she slapped my arm, ran down the stairs, completely going past Megan's half melted doll.

Sometimes I didn't know what blood she was made up of. I ran downstairs, placed the doll away from the fire, and marched to the living room where Becca was being caressed by Chantelle and Nathan.

Becca looked up at me and smiled weakly.

I grabbed her wrist and jerked her up. "C'mon. We're going to be doing some mash ups right now." And if I was correct, she actually... Smiled. A full, real smile. Something she hasn't given out a lot and something I didn't receive these days.

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