Four DJing/Acapella girls come together through a series of twists and turns of relationships. Can they manage?


6. Caleb-Disco Attack


Caleb's P.O.V.


So that DJing girl... Becca Williams? She could give me DJing and mashup lessons. I just needed to find her. There was yelling outside the door and so I went out to check it out and so did Ryan. We saw the Becca girl and the school's athletic wrestler, Kyle, fight and so far Becca was winning with a proud foot on his back.


"BECCCCCCCCCCCCCCAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ryan roared as he saw what was going on. I saw him and her walking into the cafeteria so I figured they were good friends, though Becca was new this year and Ryan was the school's most popular kid at school. He grabbed her elbow and suitcase and dragged her to her locker, looking viciously angry and annoyed at the same time. I just stood there.


I marched back in and saw a flashdrive on the table DJ girl set her DJing machines on.


Before people started crowding back into the room and before the teachers saw, I snuck the flashdrive into my backpocket. It was classified as stealing. All I was going to do was just see what was on there and kindly give it back to her.


My next class was Vocals, so all I had to do was stay in he classroom. I looked at the attendance sheet for this class and saw Becca's and Ryan's name.


Twenty minutes in the forty-minute class, they didn't return. I had a feeling they were both too fidgety to even sing. As I was singing my solo, I grabbed the flashdrive out and too a quick glance at it. Hmm. It was labelled "BECCA'S DJ/ACA-MIx" and below it, it read "please return to rightful owner". I smirked. I will, so I slid it back into my pocket bfore anyone could see the shiny red object in my hand.


At Lunch, I only bought a bag of chips and tossed them to Ryan, who looked like he was about to leave the cafeteria. He caught it and stared at me, frowning. I scoffed, rolling my eyes. He was the type of guy that would rock suspenders and rocked a leprachaun suit. I quickly dashed to the library through the messy hallways (they should replace the janitor) where kids were drugging themselves in makeout sessions and over-loads of coca-cola and pepsi. I ran into the library as I ran to where the computers were. I took out the flashdrive and studied it carefully.


It was an unique flashdrive. I wish I had one like this.


I looked around the computers to see if there was any sign of a person going on around here. I looked behind me and jumped when I saw the librarian put away books. She saw me, rolled her eyes and huffed, making the wrinkles on her face jiggle.


I looked back down at my hand and saw the bigger-than-regular flashdrive in my hands at had the weigh of an orange.


It was bright red and it was in a shape of a music headphone. On each headphone, there was a stick so you could insert it into the computer. On each headphone piece is said it was 32 GBs. I automatically knew that it was two flashdrives in one; cool. One side was labeled "DJ/ACA" and the other was "DJ/MashUp". I upcapped the Acapella side and inserted it into one of the dead computers. I took my seat and quickly signed in.


Just then, Ryan's dark hair bobbed up into the silent library. He walked over to the computers on the other side of the library without noticing me; thank God. He looked like he was looking for somebody. I sighed in relief and rolling my eyes, I searched through the information Becca had.They were all recordings and videos. One video showed how to use different type of DJing equiptment. I clicked on it and quickly inserted the headphones that were laying next to the computer for anyone's leisure. I listened to the instructing video she was in.


She explained everything about what and how to use it and what it did to your music. She mentioned many different types and models of DJ Mixers and Controllers and showed most of them. Man, did she had a collection full of them. The video was only the first part of five and was ten minutes long. She was cut off mid-way through a sentence when the screen blacked-out. I rolled my eyes and returned to the flashdrive's main page. I scrolled down trying to find part two, but instead a folder caught my eyes. I clicked on it and smiled when I saw it was labelled "Vlog".


I watched one Vlog of Becca and her four best friends back in... Paris? Okay, so maybe this was invading someone's privacy and she was probably freaking over her lost flash-drive, but I couldn't help but smile through the whole video. Soon, it blacked out and I brought myself into the main page. I remembered the look on her face as she was having a blast back in her home. She was having a sleepover and she seemed so happy. Not the DJing, reckless, carefree girl I saw through her green eyes as she was singing acapella and doing what she did best (probably). Instead, the sweet and innocent (and nerdy?) girl over top of that rebellious swag she had when she beated up Kyle, the angry fighter. She wasn't the sensitive, weak girl I saw when the paper airplane almost hit her in the eye.


I grinned and accidently clicked one folder that was labelled "80s". I listened to "Don't you forget about me" and gasped when I heard her work. And I thought winging-it LIVE was cool, this probably took months to make! On the description of the acapella, it said it only took three days to make. Gee. I better step up my game if I ever want to become famous, nevertheless good as Becca!


Suddenly, as I was closeing my eyes, chilling to the music, the music stopped and I heard a beep on the computer. I took the headphones off and looked at the figure behind me. Becca Williams, herself. She snarled at me as she showed me her headphone flashdrive. I looked down at the computer and saw the flahsdrive was missing.


I looked back up and offered a weak smile. She rolled her eyes. "Could you tell me if you want to borrow this?"

"Sorry. You must have been so worried. Your tracks were just so good," I said, standing up. She was pretty short for her age. I was at least a head and a half taller than her.


She roleld her eyes again. "Fan alert," she teased, smiling a bit. "Apology accepted." I sighed with relief. "But if you do that again?" her cliffhanger was more of a question. One eyebrow raised and her mouth forming a mysterious crooked smile made her look so sexy. She lips were even pursed out a slight bit, making them look kissable. "You're dead. And nah... I wasn't that worried. I have the same files in my other four flashdrives." She took them out. There were all headphones, but there were in different colours: Fuschia pink, Blood red, Cyan, Neon Green, Bright Orange, and Lavender. It was kind of cute how she collected them. "And I could always deleted the files in them just by going on my phone or laptop because they have tracking devices in them."


I flinched back. Whoa. She had a tracking device installed into her flashdrives? CRAZY. I mean, that's pretty bizzare if you take it from me.


She grinned this sly, but cute smile. She looked so friendily and threatening in the same time like she was one of those fallen angels. She stepped forward onto her tippy-toes and when I knew she was going to kiss me, she ruffled my hair, her grin worth a million dollars. "And thanks. I'm glad you liked them. If you've heard in show and tell, I've got over four hundred different songs I've done mashups, acapellas, and dubsteps with."


I grinned. She stepped back, and onto her heels. "You're welcome. I, um... I need help. But not anyone's help... your help."


She frowned. "Okay... go on."


"CouldyouteachmehowtoDJasawesomeasyoucan," I sputtered out. "I, uh, yeah."


"All I heard was D-" She froze. "You want help, as in, for me to teach you how to learn all this stuff and maybe do a few songs or two?"


"I also want to be featured in one of your songs maybe... kind of," I squeaked. I've never been this nervous in front of a girl before; no, I've never looked this nervous in front of a girl before nevertheless anyone! (Well, except for this one teacher who shots daggers from his eyes; they make me wanna puke.) "Will you? Please?"


She grabbed my shoulders and shook them hard. "Remember... this is thougher than you think! I had to learn how to DJ since I was thirteen and it was tough for me back then. It's even tougher for frat boys like you to learn nowadays."


I grinned as I elbowed her. "Pretty please?"


"Fine," she said, grinning. "You free every weekday before school at seven a.m. until school starts on eight twenty a.m.?"


I nodded. "Everyday except for Thursdays and Fridays. Afterschool I'm free everyday except for Mondays, Wednesdays and Tuesdays."


"Good. Then on Monday and Tuesday we'll do morning practice and after school on Thursdays and Fridays from three thirty to four thirty, okay?" She grinned. As if, I, one of the school's top players and gamers, couldn't keep up.




She tossed me one of her headphone-flashdrives. She handed me the Blood red one I had earlier. "Study well, bro."


I had a feeling she didn't know this particular flashdrive at her Vlogs on it. Carefree, reckless, rocker-chic DJing girl. Typical. Not.


She spun around and walked away, leaving me breathless. Tomorrow morning was officially my first date with Cute Becca.

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