Four DJing/Acapella girls come together through a series of twists and turns of relationships. Can they manage?


5. Becca-Show and Tell


(The day after)


"Hi, my name is Becca Williams and I'm studying in Law and English as well as Chemistry, Theatre, Vocals and Biology. I grew up in France, Paris, forced to learn English as a primary language rather than a secondary because my parents wanted me to live in Hollywood. And yes, my parents are both Canadians who moved to America and then to France when they got me." Blank stares. Okay... "My hobbies... well, are expensive. I DJ, mash songs, do dubstep, acapella and do recordings, and this is just for fun. I have over two hundred songs I've done mashups on and over twenty albums were I'd do acapellas. For the first day of school show and tell, I decided to do... or show you, at least, what I do on my free time back at home." For some reason I pointed my thumb behind me like my house was built there.


I was in the small room where all the other fifty-nine students would sit, listening to each of our talents and about us for six hours straight with Lunch break. This was our first full day of school show and tell. I felt like I was in third grade. It still intiminates me at this small room was where we'd do our Vocal Jazz (yes, I got in) warmups and practice.


"I hope you enjoy and remember this is, well, um a hobby and what I'm going to be doing today is very special because, well, I'm going to make it up on the spot for you guys," I said as my arms swung beside my hips.


Remember to breathe, I silently pleaded myself. Then, when I blinked everyone started clapping and there were hoots coming out from the kids.


"Why are you guys clapping?" some slutty girl in the corner with her legs crossed, easily revealing her underwear and bra, sighed, annoyed and exasperated.


Ashley nodded. Instead of sounding regretful and as harsh as Slut number one did, Ashley sounded more confused with her big blue eyes wide open, "Yeah. Why are you guys clapping? I mean she, like, hasn't even gone yet."


Slut number one face plamed herself, sighing.


"Um... so please no hate comments," I squeaked. "Because this is all from, well, here. And since this is on the spot created, I guess I'll name it after our school."




I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out all my DJ equpitment. I placed everything perfectly and plugged all the connecting wires and strings. All eyes were on the equiptment, lusting to touch it or even use it. I glared at all of them. Most of them flinched back, looking down to the ground, but the others just stared, backing away a bit. I rolled my eyes as I put on my headphones and set up the mic. I scanned all systems and wires. I was using my DJ controlling light-up pad I got from my third cousin, the same one Mike Tompkins, my idol, used in the making of Skrillex's Cinema dubstep. I pulled out my laptop to connect to my Denon DJ DN-X1600 DJ mixer. I also grabbed out my iPad so I could record this. I had a feeling this would join one of my albums.


I tapped on the mic, letting a shriek.


I stared at the distracting posistion myspeakers were in, so I turned them a little, making me happy. "Check, check," I said through the mic. All clear and no blurs. I nodded to the beat of the music. Let's hope this actually works, I thought.


I did my first move: spitting at the mic. One hand flew to my ear where the mic was. Then I did the pop with my mouth that sounded like "blamp". I quickly recorded this and started doing the solo. "Let's go to the be-beach, let's go get away. They say what they gonna say, have a drink, clink, find the bulb light, bad bitches like me, it's hard to come by. The patron own, let's go get it on, The zone own, yes i'm in the zone. Is it two, three? leave a good tip. I'mma blow off my money and"-clapping my hands and higher-pitched "blamps"-"don't give too quick. I'm on the floor, floor. I love to dance. So give me more, more, till I can stand. Get on the floor, floor. Like it's your last dance. If you want more, more. Then here I am. Starships were meant to fly. Hands up and touch the sky. Can't stop 'cause we’re so high. Let's do this one more time. Starships were meant to fly. Hands up and touch the sky. Let's do this one last time. Hands up... We're higher than a mother-Woo."


My hands worked fast. Record... "Eh eh." Recorded. The recorded "ehs" kept on coming as I added those little "oink" squeals. I was trying to do is as Pitch Perfect did it, but it was hard solo. "Bump in my hoopty-hoopty-hoop, I own that. And I ain't paying my rent this month, I owe that. Now love who you'd want and love who'd you like, dance how a life there's no end inside, twinkle, twinkle, little star." Sound effects: number 35! (I dunno, I just felt like thinking that.) Snare. "Now everybody let me hear you say ray, ray, ray"-harmonized solo"-spend all your money cause they pay, pay, pay, and if you're a g, you're a g, g, g-"in an accent"-my name is Onika, you call me Nicki." I didn't know I can rap so rap and good. "Get on the floor, the floor like its your last chance"-sound effect added: psst, psst"-if you want more, more, than here I am." "To, to" came through the speakers as my fingers rested on a certain square on my DJ controller pad. "Starships were meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky, can't stop cause we're so high, let's do this one more time~" And SCENE.


I breathed, controlling every cell in my body as I turned my DJ controller off. My audience was clapping-for me. I wondered how loud the sound would be if I preformed in a concert.


"WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Ryan and his best buds all roared, doing their own little handshake. I rolled my eyes.


The slut came up. "Hi, my name is Sabrina and I am exactly five foot seven. I love music and so I'll be singing today." I froze. My head whipped around and I saw Sabrina do a little salute at me as if to say this was going to be my worst day ever.


"As if you could beat the power of cool DJs and Acapellas," Keiran and one other guy cooed at the same time, doing their own little thing.


But I was confident. DJing and Acapella was way cooler than regular solos. I started packing up behind Sabrina, as she did her little piece.


"We only said good-bye with words, I died a hundred times-"


That was Sabrina? I looked and saw her shaking up in my face. I looked away. After I was finished packing, Sabrina was done.


"That was amazing Sabrina," the choir teacher said, offering his tight smile. I knew in his eyes he didn't actually really care. "Just next time try to breathe from the chest, please." So all he cared about were rising chests.


I rolled my eyes as I attached my headphones to my iPod and started listening to "No Diggity". "Ahoo~" I sang quietly as I strolled my suitcase out of the room to the hallways. It seemed like no one noticed me leaving.


I strolled halfway to my locker when I was suddenly surrounded by Sabrina and her pussy. "Hi DJ freak show, liked my performance?"


"Were you supposed to sound like a dying duck?" I asked as I dodged her. She blocked me again, but with my strong arm I shoved her away as I kept on walking to my locker.


"How creative," she spat, her eyes narrowing. Her dark brown hair bounced off her shoulders. She wore a blouse that came up to her belly-button, a pair of bright red booty-shorts and black go-go boots that looked way to stylish for even taking a nice stroll across the beach. "Too bad Ryan's mine, though."


I faced her, stopping in my tracks.


"Yeah, that's it," she said, snapping her fingers under my nose, her look annoyed and victorious at the same time. She had one eyebrow up and she had a crooked smile on my face. "Ryan's mine so don't try to make a move on him."


"A, I don't even care if he's yours," I started. "B, I asked him if he was single, and he said so. He even winked at me."


She snarled and her girls were all nodding in agreement, folding their arms like barbie dolls. "You're obviously lying."


"If you think I'm lying go ask Ryan yourself," I spat as I shoved her out of my way again. She stumbled back a bit, acting as if she was injured. I rolled my eyes and strolled away when a heavy ahdn rested on my arm, turned me around and a knuckle hit me right on the cheek.


I looked at the... frat boy. Stupid frat boy in a jersey jacket who thought he was strong and all, but really was an worm compared to sumo-wrestlers. "Thanks," I muttered as he backed away, surprised to see that he had just punched a girl in the face. I rolled up my sleeves as I rested my suitcase on one wall. "You think you're so tough, don't you?" I took my cap off, revealing my medium-length hair. "You think you're soooooo good." He stepped back as I stepped forward. "Well you're wrong." I took my step forward and smiled as I threw a fist at his face.


He jerked back as my white knuckles met his cute face. He nearly fell backwards in surprise. For some reason, there were people out here, all watching, their mouths wide open and their eyes looking they'll just fall right off. What the hell? Haven't these people experienced fights before. Their faces looked like they haven't.


I kicked him before he could get up. When he got up, he tried to shove me back to the ground, but I dodge it and with my two arms, I grabbed the back of his shirt and pushed him forwards, sending him to fall on his front in the direction I was going.


"BECCA!" Ryan's voice hollared as he ran up to us, staring at my boot that rested on frat boy's back. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" He looked from me, to the guy lying on the floor, to pretend-hurt Sabrina and back to me. "Sabrina," he spat as he grabbed my elbow, and my suitcase, dragging me and my DJ equiptment to my locker.


"Ow," I mumbled as he let go of me.


"WHAT WAS GOING ON!" he bellowed at my face.


"Sabrina and her groupd of friends surrounded me saying you were her grilfriend and just to piss her off, I said you were single and that you asked me out and then I shoved her out of my way and she pretended to be hurt. I saw her signal something and when I turn around there's fray boy about to punch me, but almost stopped because he realizes I'm a girl."


Ryan cupped my face in his hands. "I'm sorry," he breathed.

"Why?" I asked.


"Because if it wasn't me, you wouldn't have gotten hurt." He leaned in, but I backed away a little. His hands fell of my face. "We should get ice on that. It's bruising."


"So?" I asked. "Bruising is the sign or physical risk and strength," I stated, folding my arms and lifting my chin up in a proud and victorious way.


"Or it means the rotting of the skin and flesh," he state, smirking. I glared at him and slapped him on the arm-hard. "Ow!" he squealed, rubbing his arm. "No wonder you could beat up that guy. That guy was on the football team. Maybe you should join."


I glared. "In your wildest dreams."


He rolled his eyes. "Whatever." Then he did the most inconviniet and unexpected thing: He kissed me on the cheek.


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