Four DJing/Acapella girls come together through a series of twists and turns of relationships. Can they manage?


1. Becca-Glasses are for Geeks ONLY.

I watched as Kaitlyn, my best friend, hurriedly flew into the pile of clothing, searching for a cute outfit to put together. Kaitlyn was determined and an extremely observant character. I couldn't imagine to lose her as my friend anymore.


Kaitlyn was the fierce, detemined, single-minded perfectionist who was obsessed with Vogue, Teen Vogue, Polyvore website, and Seventeen magazine. She had the blonde hair that curled in fancy curls (they didn't make her look like the ypical dumb blonde, more of a fierce fashionista) that every girl wanted. She had healthy, no-Botox, plumped lips and perfect smooth fair skin. Her closet consisted of the most fashionable and valuable piece of jewellery and full sets of clothing. She might have had the same amount of clothes as those Barbie Dolls had.


"Wear this," she said as she tossed the floral-pattern skirt at my face. She wasn't even looking at me. How could she be so accurate? "Oh and those." My eyes darted to the pair of knee-length leather boots she was pointing at. She finally turned around, facing me with tears in her eyes. "You better look good in your new school."


"I'm gonna miss you so much!" I squealed as we hugged each other. Usually, I would have been gasping for breath, but right now it felt like I didn't need oxygen to breathe. We started sobbing into each other's hair.


Just then, the door flew open and there stood Kaitlyn's boyfriend, Josh. "Sorry to ruin your... moment here, but Becca... you're leaving in twenty minutes to go to the airport. Dad wants you all packed up in three minutes."


Josh was also somehow my half-brother. We weren't related at all. I wondered how Mom even managed to raise him before I, the peacemaker, was born. Kaitlyn looked at me all teary-eyed. At least Josh wasn't leaving for Canada, too. If that was the case, Kaitlyn might beg on her knees in front of my parents. That would have been very, very embarrassing.


"I am totally gonna miss you, Becca. You have to come visit for Winter break!" Kaitlyn ordered. She glared icily at Josh. "I really wish I could come to the airport with you guys..." she pouted, giving Josh those irresistible puppy-eyes that could only be pulled off by my one and only Kaitlyn Sparks. "I really, really wish..."




No reply.


"DAD!" Josh yelled again.


"Hmm?" a light hum came from the bottom of the staircase. "Whatcha want, Joshua? I'm busy, can you help me?"






Josh reluctantly marched down the stairs to help carry the stacks and suitcases. He was a muscle boys, anyways. He needed those muscles for good use.


Josh and Dad were having a conversation, it seemed, and like always, they were talking a little too unconviniently loud. "Why would your girlfriend comfort Becca, Josh? She's your girlfriend, not Becca's."


Kaitlyn let out a giggle.


I rolled my eyes.


"Kaitlyn was originally her best friend, Dad," Josh answered. A few seconds of utter silence filled the house. "Dad?"


"You mean that blonde one? Kind of looks like that Victoria's Secrets model from those magazines Becca owns?" Kaitlyn beamed. She was really pretty. A few more beats of pauses. "You mean the one that looks like a stripper?" Face-palm. Kaitlyn's face fell. "Oh! That one! The girl who looks like she came out of the movie Wizard of Oz?"


I stared at Kaitlyn. She looked like she came out of the Avengers movie, not some ridiculous old classic with flying monkeys featured in it.


"Yes Dad," Josh said, his face probably beat-red. "She's the one."


"Sorry" I mouthed to Kaitlyn. She just shrugged in response. She was the tough type who didn't really care what others said about her. I quickly gathered my three suitcases and my laptop bag, and smiled at Kaitlyn weakily. We started crying again. We probably looked pathetic. "I am totally gonna miss you, you geek!" Kaitlyn squealed.




At the Plane



Kaitlyn made me check me items in my suitcase before I put them on the velcro and also made me bring at least a thousand dollars in my purse. She forced me to wear a jacket just in case I get cold in the plane, and literally shoved fresh foods into my mouth.


Now, here I was, in the plane sitting with no one but strangers and stranglers. I looked at the two empty seats next to me. Hmm. I laid back in my seat. I got the window seat. I loved peering out the windows before I went sleeping in the plane. I felt so grown up.


A new me. I was gonna be living in a mansion after this plane ride to Canada. A new geek. My school was for rich and smart, expectional students. A new family. I was gonna be living with these people my parents were really close to. Both of them, actually. My Dad, my Mom, my step-dad and my step-mom. I was in a lucky situation here. If I wasn't gonna be living in that mansion I'd have to live with my mean, duty-free cousin and her filthy-rich, ugly mother at least three hours away from school. Unfortunately, my cousin went to the same school I was going to. Great. I wondered how she would managed to get to school when her house was so far away. Then again, she might have had her family jet, if not, her own jet. The only good thing about moving to go to the same school as my cousin was her father. My uncle might have been the kindest, most gentle human being on the Earth.


I steadily closed my eyes as I let my over-sized glasses slide down o the tip of my nose like my grandmother did when she was sleeping. I thought about how my life would change there. I was always homeschooled, so I had no idea how to be "cool" or "natural" in high school. The only support, kind, of, I got was from my cousin. She said high school was a living nightmare and that if I wasn't one of the popular ones, I'd be doomed. I said "thank you" to her that only made her frown. Score one for me. But then, it would be a tie because what she said did affect me-very little, though. I knew she was overreacting to get me nervous. Right?


Suddenly, my glasses were pelt off my eyes, jerking me awake. "Hey!" I snatched the glasses that were flying mid-air and shoved them on. I looked up at the guy who took them off. Only a six year old boy. Aww, how cute. "Where's your parent?"


He blinked as he cocked his head in a questioning way. "I don't have a parent with me." That made me blink back.


A huge hand rested on the boy's shoulder. I looked down and sighed in relief when I saw a guy, maybe my age or older, who looked alike. "You came with your older brother?" I asked the kid. He nodded, beaming as he jumped onto my lap.


"Sorry for taking your glasses," he mumbled as he rested his head on my shoulder. "You just look funny with your glasses like that." The littleboy pushed up my glasses. But they slid down again. "Why do they do that?" The boy started laughing as his older brother sat on the aisle seat.


"I wear them like this," I answered the boy. To the older boy, I asked, "Are you two sitting on this row, sir?"


The boy looked at me as if I got rabies. "Um... I'm no sir, ma'am." I blinked back. "I'm only sixteen... ugh. And yes, we're sitting here."


I sat back in my seat and stared at the blank TV screen in front of me. The boy and his brother buckled up as so did I. The plane just started taking off. The air attendants in petite pencil skirts and navy blue shirts with yellow scarves fashionably around their necks came out looking as fierce as Kaitlyn did when she was confident about something-which in her case, was everything.


Tears automatically filled my eyes.


"You OK?" the sixteen year old asked. Man. He was cute. I nodded, wiping my tears away. "You sure? You look-"


"Shh!" his brother snapped at him. "Important peoples are talking. Now shhh!" He put his finger to his lips at me and his brother.


After the flight attendants were finished their little preformance, the little boy started crying. "What's wrong?" his brother and I asked on the same beat. We looked at each other for a few seconds, zooming out. Luckily, the little boy didn't notice.


The little boy pointed at his TV screen. "My TV screen doesn't work, this is so bad!" he wailed, catching one of the flight attendant's attention.


I gestured for the flight attendant to stay away. "Wanna switched seats with me?" I asked as I pointed to my, screen, which was on. He boy nodded happily and we quickly exchanged seats. "You like the window view?"


The boy stared at me, dumb-struck. "What?"


I pointed to the window. He stared at the window and then suddenly pressed his face up against the window. "It's so cold!" he squealed as he played with his nose.


I laughed. "It is. So be careful." He laughed this time. He kind of reminded me of Josh's baby photos. He was cute.


I looked over at the sixteen year old and blushed. I was only fifteen. Okay... so thirty minutes past and this was gettign awkward. The little boy was unreasonably quiet, but I had no nerve to check if he was sleeping with his brother intently staring at my face.


I relucatantly did and sighed when I saw him half-asleep. Or trying to sleep, anyways.


There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see hottie smiling at me. His eyes were blue and his hair was dark like the crow's feathers. He looked nice. "What drink would you like? Coca-Cola or 7Up?" He had two drinks in his hands. I took the Coca-Cola and he laughed. "Of course. The typical pick. What is your name?"


I blinked. Did I not tell him my name? Then again, he didn't tell me his. "My name is Becca Williams. What's yours?"


He nodded, taking an attractive sip of his cup. "My name is Ryan. Becca Williams is a pretty name. It suits you."


"I don't think your name suits you that well," I said back. I was a very straight-forward person. I wasn't the creative-ist person on the world, and I had a hard time expressing my inner thought without saying the literal thing. "I think Kyle or Andrew suits you."


He laughed. "Really?" Somehow he didn't look offended. "Why are you going to Canada?" I blinked. I started composing my speech. "I'm just coming home for the summer break. It's a little late to be moving anywhere."


"I'm actually moving to Canada, now. I'm staying there for about a year or two. I'm not too sure, actually," I laughed.


The little boy started to dooze off, his head on my shoulder. "You're brother is cute, you know. What's his name?"


"Nathan," Ryan answered. "He's really cute. He's actually my half-brother. He has brown eyes and blonde hair."


"But same face structure," I added.


He shrugged. "Maybe. But we're more different and alike." He peered out the window and smiled at his brother's sleeping figure. "You look tired." I raised an eyebrow at him. Was that supposed to sound rude? "Not to be rude or anything. You look fine. You know..." He inched closer to me in his seat. "You can rest on my shoulder, if you'd like."


I rested my head on his shoulder. Hmm. I felt like I would fall asleep in any moment now. "But that would make us look like a couple."


"Is that a bad thing?"


"Not necessarily," I answered.  I slowly shook my head, my ear brushing his shoulder. "Nope. Not at all," I mumbled as I snoozed off.




This is my first book, my first chapter. No hate comments please and thank you!




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