Four DJing/Acapella girls come together through a series of twists and turns of relationships. Can they manage?


2. Becca-Adrenaline Rush

Ryan decided that he and Nathan should go to the washrooms instead of Nathan going alone. I agreed. A few seconds after the flight attendant came over with our meals. "What would you like, miss?" I stared at the wheeled tray and my stomach grumbled when I saw the plates full of rice and food. "Beef or chicken?"


"2 beef and 1 chicken please," I ordered as the flight attendant. How was I supposed to know what Nathan and Ryan liked? The flight attendant let three plates onto my little table.


"Here you go miss. There will be another tray coming with beverages." I nodded as I quickly cleaned up my seat. It was only a few minutes ago I woke up and I didn't want to be looking like a mess.


I stared at the time on Nathan's TV screen. In Europe, France, it was already sixp.m. Which made Canada... 10p.m.God. I already missed my teacher. If you didn't know too well already, I was born and raised in France learning three languages throughout my life: French, English, and Korean. I was learning some Mandarin before I got sick of those lines I had to write on paper. I was homeschooled because I needed more time to study and do what I loved to do: sing. I joined many singing competitions and won most of them. I may be a geek and all, but I share some talent with the fine arts. I was also going to an art school. Score Two.


"Hmm.... Do I smell food?" Nathan mumbled as he rubbed his eyes with his chubby fingers. He looked adorable. Of I had a kid like Nathan, I'd hug him forever. His big brown eyes blinked at me unwillingly and looked over to the plates of food. "Chicken!" he roared as his chubby fingers found a way to the plates.

"They're hot!" I squealed as I watched Nathan kiss his slightly burnt finger. Nathan automatically started crying. "Oh don't cry, Nathan." I hugged him and kissed his finger. He smiled instantly and stuck his tongue out at his brother.


"See! She kissed my first," Nathan proudly announced as he skipped over to his seat. Ryan blushed deeply as he sat next to me. I opened up Nathan's plate, letting the steam out and handed it to Nathan. I offered to help him eat, but he just swayed it away. "I can eat by myself, actually."


"Okay then," I answered. I looked over at Ryan. "I guess we're stuck with beef. You like beef, right?" He nodded. "Me too."


As soon as I opened my plate, my mouth watered. I shoved a mouthful of rice and beef, chewing furiously. Hmm. I suddenly started wondering what seasoning they used. For some reason it was really good. I wasn't much of a meat girl, but today I felt like it was the last meal I was gonna eat.


"You that hungry?" Ryan asked as he watched me eat curiously. I blushed. I quickly wiped my mouth with the napkin and straightened myself up, making Ryan laugh. "Did you grow up from France?" I paled. How did he know where I came from? "We were leaving France, remember?" he asked. I sighed. Man, I was stupid.


"Yeah. I was born there," I answered, eating more lady-like. I would always get scolded for eating hurriedly, but every now and then, I would just for the fun of throwing up after. "Were you born in France?"


"Nah," he replied. I nodded. I mentally slapped myself. Ryan was from Canada, I recalled. Was I always this oblivious in front of cute guys? "So... how did you grow up?"


"I was homeschooled so this will be my first year of every going into a public school," I announced bravely. "I was never this worried in my life." I faced Ryan, who look faintly surprised. "What is high school like in Canada?"


"Wait," he paused. "So... like, you've never been to actual public school?" I nodded. Apparently, it was shcoking news if you've never went to public school before. "Wow." He leaned back into his seat, staring at the blank screen in front of him. "That's-that's um, er, something. Why were you homeschooled, like, your whole life?"


"So I have more time to study," I answered a little loudly. Heads turned in my direction. "I, um, also I sing, I've helped out in recreational events and I lifeguard, etcetera. I'm a very busy person, and, um yeah," I stuttered quietly. "I have a large social life compared to others if you subtract the schooling part of life."


Ryan nodded. "I lifeguard, too, actually." I nodded. "It's fun lifeguarding in Langley. The pools are always clean and there are some huge water parks and pools there. I'm pretty sure you'd get the job in no time. Where are you staying in Canada?"


Stop with these questions, I scolded mentally. Like he could read my mind. "Um... at a friend's house, actually. They're real close to my parents."




I leaned back in own seat. Another flight attendant came with a second round of drinks. "Coca cola," I said. The flight attendant gladly gave our drinks and scurried away. "Do I really look that bad?" I asked Ryan.


Ryan laughed. "What do you mean?" I pointed at my face. "Oh, no. Why?"


I sighed, rolling my eyes. "Don't I look bad or something? Everyone seems to be a little... cautious of me," I said. "Right?" Unlike the reply I would have expected, Ryan answered, "um... I think it's just your bone structure. High cheek bones and all."


I glared at him. I stuffed my face in my brown hair. My glasses slid down again. I pushed them back up and sighed. "What colour eyes do you think I have?"


Ryan stared. This was the question everyone had trouble answering. My eyes did change colour, but it was no gradual thing; it changed in a blink of an eye. When it got really sunny, my irises faintly turns transparent into a blue with a reddish glow, and when it was dark or just moderate my eyes were emerald green. Then, when I rubbed my eyes a lot they turned bright blue. It was weird. Maybe I should started studying genetics and pigmentations.


"Um... green?"


I smiled smugly, and started rubbing my eyes, careful not to break my corena. "Now what colour are they?"


"Blue," he answered. "Whoa."


I beamed. "I know." I tossed a Welch's Fruit Snack pack at him. "Want one? I snuck them into the plane, actually. My favourite."


He raised an eyebrow. "Are you those bad-girl types?"


"No," I answered. I considered this. Does stealing your brother's girlfriends for a sleepover and lying to get ice packs for my friend count as being bad? I think not. "I am just very secretive and sneaky. I don't usually sneak in things without permisson, but if they did suspend me from my Welch's, I'd wither like the shaded sunflower and die under the dirt."

Nathan poked me. I looked at him. "Beccah... cowl you gif me a wink?"


Uh... Oh! I handed him my coke and watched as he hurriedly drank it. "You were thirsty?" He nodded as some coke spilled down his chin. I waited until he finished drinking, and wiped around his mouth. He reminded me of my Dad for some reason.


"So... you're the babysitting type, then?" Ryan asked in my ear. I rolled my eyes. I turned around and gasped. Our faced were so close. Too close, even. Whoa. I suddenly felt all alive. I pushed his shoulders back a bit. "No, I'm not actually. You may just say I am, though, the innocent type." He smiled smugly, rolling his big blue eyes. "And you're not the only one who classifies me as bad or babysitter."




I laughed.


"Reporting for duty: we will be arriving at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in a few minutes, so we suggest you put on your seatbelt and do not leave your seat until we have arrived on Canadian grounds"-the light indicating whether you can have your seatbelt on or of blinked-"please. Make sure all your young ones are buckled up"- I quickly glanced at Nathan, making sure he was locked and secure-"and enjoy the rest of the safe flight."


"You all buckled up?" Ryan asked me and Nathan.


We both nodded on the same beat.




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