The one that got away

this is about a young girl and her true ove final love each other then one day he left and didnt want to tell her and he got into big trouble keep reading and find out more


1. that day

One day I was getting ready for school I kept thinking of a boy at school but I’ll tell you more about him later in the story. Well I was ready 100% done clean and nice so I went to school and BAM there he was the one I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life but I promise you that will never happen even if I wish hard. I wish he was my Jonny cash. Then next thing you know it I fell right next to him and I got caught by him my Jonny cash I never thought he would catch me because I was well a … nerd but guess not. That was the best time of my life then watch what happens. It was 2 years later and I and he were 17 and 18 well I was 17 of course well then we got to know each other and then we make out in his mustang to radio head. Then when I was 18 we bought matching tattoos. Oh one important thing we stole his parents liquor and climb to the roof and talk about our future like we both had a clue.

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