Love at first sight (Sequel)

Lottie and Niall have been married for a couple of months now. Their dream is on their way out. But what is their dream? And what happens to it after it does become reality?


4. Chapter 4

Lottie's POV

Both of us wanted a repeat of last night. There was no dought about that. But we didn't have much time left. We were stood in the soon to be the babies room. It felt so wrong kissing him in the 'babies' room.

He started making his way over to the bed slowly tugging on my jeans. I pulled away quickly making him stop. He looked at me with a sad, confused look. 

I looked deeply into his eyes. "We dont have much time we have to leave in 10 minutes" I spoke quietly. Barely audible. My speech was taken by the kiss.

I slowly unwrapped my legs from around his waist while looking away. I gave him a small peck on the cheek and left to see the girls to see if they needed any help.

I walked past the bathroom and felt a strong hand on mine. I looked down and followed the arm which led to Niall. He smiled at me and intertwined his fingers with mine. 

We walked back together, to where Kiah and Gemma had just finished packing. They looked over at us and gave each other a cheeky smile. I completely ignored it as Niall left a memorable kiss on my temple. Wow it felt nice. "Have you guys finished" I looked down at the zipped up luggage expecting the answer. "Yup" Kiah replied popping the p. 

Niall took his hand from mine and walked towards the luggage. Kiah and Gemma aimed for the door while I went to look for Bolt. I walked into the living room and he was asleep on the couch. I called his name one more time and his ears moved. Then his eyelids slowly opened. He raised his eyes up following by his head to look up at me. "Come" I commanded while patting my thigh. He jumped up from the couch and stretched before he walked over by my side ready to follow. 

I grabbed my phone and keys and locked the door behind myself. I jumped into the fully loaded van and we drove off straight away. Bolt was in the front with me sitting on my feet with his head between my knees falling asleep. I stroked his head while smiling at Niall in the rear view mirror. It was at a perfect angle where I could see him. 

I grabbed Niall's hoodie that he gave me to hold for him. I scrunched it up in a ball and laid in on the window. I leaned my head on top of it and closed my eyes. His voice became louder than everyone else's and his smell was strongest its ever been. I started dozing off slowly listening to my husbands voice.


Niall's POV

I could see her in the rear view mirror. She looked happy. I handed her my hoodie. It was warm back there. She took it and scrunched it up into a ball and fell asleep on it. I made sure to talk as much as I could. She would always wake up happy if she was listening to my voice before hand.

I watched as her breathing became slower. Her chest rose up and back down with every breath. Her smile stayed constant. 

I switched seats with Zayn so I could sit closer to her. I was now right behind her. I sat sideways and put my head on the side of her seat. I wrapped both of my arms around the seat to reach her. I started gently stroking her hair. I seen her smile I little wider. I closed my eyes and started humming 'Safe and Sound' to her.

After a while I started singing it quietly. My eyes still closed. I paused for a moment and realised it was silent. I turned around and noticed everyone asleep in the back. I turned and looked at Lottie. She was wide awake listening. She had a wide smile glued to her face. Even Bolt was up listening. I chuckled quietly. I looked over at the driver and he was falling asleep. Trying his best to keep his eyes open.

"Pull over I'll drive" I said tapping the driver once on the shoulder. "Are you sure" he asked. He looked glad that I asked him. "Course" I replied smiling at Lottie.

He pulled over and we switched seats. I turned around a second before driving and noticed the driver asleep all ready. Lottie and I both turned around and looked at each other and laughed.

Once we were on the road I started singing again. The road wasn't busy so I could look at Lottie more often. When I looked over she had my hoodie wrapped around her. I smiled to myself as her eyes were on the road ahead.

After 2 hours of driving we were finally at the airport. I parked and turned the engine off. The engine rumbled becoming quieter waking everyone up from the sudden change saving me the hassle. I looked at Lottie and smiled just before slipping out the car.

I walked around to the trunk. I opened it and pulled our bags out, before everyone else came to join me. They all grabbed their bags and started slowly walking inside. I grabbed mine and Lotties bags and closed the trunk. I turned around and joined everyone else.

We queued up in the oddly short line. The airport was almost empty. We moved slowly forward in line. Waiting for our turn. We didn't have to wait to long and we were already there. I passed the lady all of our passports. She took our bags one by one and sent them through somewhere to the back. 

We started walking again. One more stop. "Jackets, shoes and belts off .Any coins or phones in the basket please" An officer spoke as we got closer. There was no problems. No beeping. We gathered out things again and left as fast as we came. 

We were now sat right next to our gate. Watching the monitor. Seeing if our gate was open. The girls were all speaking and the lads were speaking. But I was watching a young couple playing with their baby. I couldn't tear my eyes off them. I could imagine me and Lottie playing with our baby.

Suddenly I felt someone touch my shoulder. I shot my head to the side as adrenalin shot through my body. Lottie was looking at me and smiling. She shuffled over to me and leaned her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her gently pulling her into my bear hug. "I cant wait" was all she said.

I look up at the monitor for a second and notice that it said that out gate is open. I slowly release her and she breaths in deeply. I should make my hugs less of python hugs. I stand up stretching my legs out. I grab Lotties hand and pull her to the door. She called Bolt and he made his way over.

We lined up waiting for them to let us on. There was about 5 other people apart from on going on our plane. I was glad that they didn't recognise who we were.

After a few minutes of waiting in line a lady came in through the door and told us to go. I grabbed Lotties hand and showed the lady both of our tickets. She smiled and said "Have a safe flight". I heard her say it several times before the doors to the outside opened. The air rushed in around us and Lottie and I squeezed slightly tighter.

I walked on the stairs first holding Lotties hand behind me. I touched the outside of the plane for good luck and walked on. The plane was tiny. It didn't need to be bigger since there was 13 people getting on the plane plus one dog. I showed the stewardess our tickets and she said "Have a safe flight" just like the other lady. I heard it over and over again until everyone was finally on. 

I walked past a few rows of seats. I finally decided on the best row and let Lottie have the window seat. I sat in the middle and Bold laid on the floor by our feet. 

She buckled her seat belt and grasped onto my hand firmly once again. As soon as she let her head fall back on the seat the plane started moving. The stewardess started saying the usual which not much of us listened to and soon it was silent again. We were now lined up and ready to go. 

I let go of her grasp and she looked at me scared. I lifted the arm rest that was stopping me from getting close to her and she smiled again. I took her hand and intertwined my fingers with hers. With my spare hand I took her chin and made her face me. I pressed my lips into hers roughly until we were off the ground. I let go and she smiled. She turned around and looked out the window. Her hand squeezing mine tightly. 


Lottie's POV

I look out the window as we stop one last time. I watch and wait for the plane to start moving again. I feel him release my hand and suddenlt fright fills my body and I frown. I turn around and watching him pull the arm rest up. He grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers together. I turn back to watch as the plane starts moving. 

I feel his warm gently hand on my chin. He pulls it so I'm facing him. He looks down at my lips and presses his lips slowly but roughly into mine. I get lost in the kiss and dont realise were off the ground. He pulls away and I turn around to look outside just to find us off the ground. I suddenly want to get off and go home. I didn't want to be there. I felt my heart sink down to my stomach as we went higher. I felt butterflies doing 360's in my belly. I felt like I was going to break down and cry or do something stupid and or embarrassing. I closed my eyes and held Niall's hand tightly.

I felt Niall squeeze my hand a few times to make me open my eyes. I opened one eye, closest to him. We were alive. I opened the other one to find us very high up. I watched in horror as we finally flew above the clouds. I felt safer in way, since I couldn't see the ground underneath.

I looked over at Bolt who took it a thousand times better than me. He was already asleep with his head on Nialls shoe. I giggled making Niall look over and giggle too.

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