Love at first sight (Sequel)

Lottie and Niall have been married for a couple of months now. Their dream is on their way out. But what is their dream? And what happens to it after it does become reality?


3. Chapter 3

Niall's POV

I press my lips harder onto hers. Kissing her more passionately then ever. She brushed her hands through my wet hair several times before I pulled away to breath. She opened her eyes and I could barely see her irises. Her pupils were dilated. I looked into her dark dilated eyes and felt myself get lost and unable to free myself.

I finally escape the maze and stand up quickly before I could get lost again. She still had her legs wrapped around my waist tightly making her fall back and completely submerge as I stood up. I panicked and grabbed her elbow quickly pulling her up from from the now cool water. Her legs still wrapped around me, I pulled her up and held her close as I got up out of the tub. I wrapped a big towel around us and opened the door letting the cold air rush in giving both of us chills.

I lowered her down gently on the bed, but she still didn't let go. She pulled me down on top of her and before I could think I just leaned in to kiss her. I went from her lips, down her cheek, along the jaw line, and down below her ear. Making her smile and giggle. I hit her sweet spot and she moaned silently.


*Next day*


Lottie's POV

I wake up to Niall gently kissing and stroking my hair. I didn't want to say anything, but we had to get up. I glanced over at the clock and panicked. I jumped out of bed leaving Niall frozen with his hand just above where my head was. As my feet hit the ground I stood up and fell back down weak. Niall shuffled over to me and gave me a hug. "You lay down, and I'll get everything packed and ready" he said kissing me down my neck every couple of words.

I pushed my pillow up and sat against it watching Niall pack my bag. He held up every piece of cloth to see my opinion. "How do you do this, its stressing!" he complained. I giggled replied with "Cuz I'm superwoman" I laughed making him laugh too.

He started running towards the bed and jumped on top making both of us fly up from the bed. I laughed and he grabbed me crashing his lips into mine. It became silent, no laughter, no voices, no shuffling of clothes. Bolt as always asleep in the other room making no noise either. It was nice. I was lost in the kiss, forgetting the world around me.

Niall pulls away from the kiss and I notice Kiah and Gemma standing there leaning on the door frame with their arms crossed. My heart skipped a beat. How long have they been standing there? "Finally, we knew we had to come help you pack" Kiah spoke walking over to the wardrobe. "I'll make breakfast" Niall said as he pecked me on the cheek and got up.

"Get up then" Gemma said standing at the foot of the bed, her arms still crossed. "I cant" I say embarrassed and suddenly Kiah turns around with a grin on her face "You and him...." Kiah spoke quietly and I nodded. "Awwwe" they both said in unison.

I somehow manage to get up to take a shower while Gemma and Kiah argue what clothed Niall and I should take. I step in the warm shower and let it drip down me. Suddenly I feel hands wrap around my waist. I turn around to see Niall standing behind me. "I dont want to waste water" he said laughing. I grab the soap and rub it all over my body and then I passed it back to Niall as he did the same. I rinse of and swap places with Niall letting him rinse off. I walk out and grab a towel and wrap it around myself. I crack the door open a little bit, "Girls can you give me some clothes?" I say. They throw mine and Niall's clothes. I looked at them with the how-did-you-know look and they both winked.

I closed the door and turned around to find Niall inches away. He looks down into my eyes lifting my chin up. He lowered just his head in its own and brushed his lips on mine. I hated it when he did that. I pressed my lips against his and he immediately started kissing back.


Niall's POV

I knew she hated it. I wanted to tease her. It worked. She pressed her lips onto mine harshly, shocking me. I didn't expect that of her. I liked that side of her though. I never seen the rough side of her. She slowly pulled away with regret on her face "If we keep this up we will leave in a month, this holiday's not gonna wait" she complained. She was right. She handed me my clothes. Damn, those girls know how to pick out clothes, I thought looking at both mine and Lottie's hands. She smiled up at me and dropped the towel that was wrapped around her. I quickly got ready and left to finish making breakfast.

I walked past the girls and they winked at me and laughed to each other. I jogged down the stairs and continued making lots and lots of toast. I sizzled some bacon to go with it and I set out four plates on the table. I went back upstairs and told them breakfast was ready. They all dropped everything and ran down.

After we all finished our food everyone went back to doing what they were doing. I went up with them to watch and cuddle with Lottie. I walked upstairs quietly and put my finger up to my lips to tell Kiah and Gemma to not say a word about me. To continue like nothing happened. I sneaked up behind her and swept her of her feet catching her. She was laying in my arms shocked. She looked up at me and the shock wiped of her face and transformed into joy.

I looked deeply into the same maze, now knowing my way around. I closed my eyes and leaned in ignoring the girls squealing in the background. I pulled her up with out parting. She put her arms around my neck and put the mascara back together and dropped it.

I let my hands travel down her sides until they reached her bottom. I hugged her tightly and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me tightly and I walked out the room still kissing her as the girls "Awwe"ed in the background.

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