Love at first sight (Sequel)

Lottie and Niall have been married for a couple of months now. Their dream is on their way out. But what is their dream? And what happens to it after it does become reality?


2. Chapter 2

Niall's POV

She looked so cute, just laying on top of me. She was still as light as a feather, like the day I met her. I couldn't do anything but stare at her beautiful long hair that covered her like a blanket.

I could feel wholes being burned into my forehead. I tore my eyes off Lottie to look up at  Harry and Zayn staring at me. I mouthed "What?" at them and they quickly looked away. They were clearly annoyed and jealous. I chuckled quietly to myself making Lottie bob up and down as my stomach tightened and relaxed.

I looked down at her. She had the smile of an angel painted on her face. I tucked the hair covering half of her face behind her ear. She cuddled closer for a second and relaxed again while I held my breath. She was tired and I could tell. I didn't want her to wake up.

I watched Kiah and Louis walk in with plates and bowls filled with snack as my pupils widened and my stomach growled. Kiah looked at me like I was a bear and slowly inched her way towards me with a plate of sandwiches, trying to make no sudden movements. She handed me the plate and I snatched it from her and she snapped her hand back. "Thank youuuuu" my inner fat kid spoke out as I scoffed down half of a sandwich. She giggled, grabbed a sandwich from the table and sat next to Louis.

My plate was quickly emptied satisfying my hunger for the next 10 minutes. I looked over from the TV and saw Gemma asleep with her head on Liam's lap as he stroked her jaw line. Kiah was wide away watching the TV intently without blinking while Louis had her arm wrapped around her. Kiah soon closed her eyes tightly and berried her head into Louis shoulder. It reminded me a lot of Lottie, that was exactly how she acted whilst watching scary movies.

Once the scary part was over, Kiah slowly opened her eyes and stood up. She grabbed all the empty plates and took them into the kitchen as Louis watched her and soon followed. I noticed Zayn asleep on Harry's shoulder and Harry asleep on Zayn's head. I chuckled to myself quietly making Lottie bob up and down again.

I looked down at my princess still sleeping. I grasped her tightly like she was going to slip away and I leaned me head on top of hers and closed my eyes. I could smell the strawberry shampoo she had used this morning. Suddenly I heard Kiah's whisper and my head immediately shot up. If she didn't make any noise I would probably start eating Lottie's hair.

She was gently shaking Zayn and Harry telling them to wake up. It was late and everyone was asleep. She told them that Louis would drop them off at home. They lifted their heads up of each other still not knowing what was going on. They rubbed their eyes, stretched and yawned. Watching them yawn made Kiah and I yawn too. They got up and walked out bumping into each other. She looked over at Liam and Gemma, but Liam was already attempting at waking her up. She didn't want to get up so Liam picked her up like a bride and carried her out. Kiah followed close behind before turning her head around "We'll see you tomorrow" she whispered before continuing to walk.

The house was empty and silent. The TV was off and there was no sound apart of the sound of Lottie inhaling and exhaling. I watched her for a while before her eye lids started slowly lifting up as she yawned.


Lottie's POV

I slowly opened my eyes. I looked around and noticed I was still on Niall's lap. I looked up to find him smiling at me. I stretched my legs and felt thousands of ants walking up and down my legs. I jumped up off Niall and I started doing high knees in the middle of the room to get the circulation back to normal. I look over at Niall as he rubbed his arms and legs trying to get rid of his ants. I giggled and made my way over to help.

I kneeled on top of him with my knees on each side of him. I wraped my arms around his neck and looked him in the eye as his head slowly lifts for our eyes to meet and lock again. I leaned my head in closer slowly closing my eyes more the closer I got to him until my eyes were completely shut and there was nothing but darkness and an image of Niall floating around. I brushed my lips against his and pulled away slightly as I look up. He throws his hands around my waist and pulls me in closing the gap.

I pull away desperate for air, making him moan silently from the loss of touch. I smile as I lean back in to fulfil his needs. I paused for a moment and smiled into his lips. He opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. I could see every single little detail in his irises. I could see the happiness fill his eyes up to the rim as his smile grew wider.

I stood up and he looked at me. His happiness turned into confusion. "Did that help?" I ask laughing. "Errr.....What?........Oh yes, yes it did" he said before his confusion turned back into happiness. He stood up and started rubbing his back side. His eyebrow's crawled together. "Can you help me again?" He chuckled rubbing his bum cheeks. "I'm good" I say before walking out.

He ran up behind me silently and grabed my arm spinning me around. I was inches away from him and this time I wanted his touch. I needed his touch. I leaned in closer before he took a step back, he grabbed my waist and threw me over his shoulder. I laughed as he carried me over to the bathroom. He sat me down on the toilet and turned the tap on. He grabbed the bottom of his tank-top that I was wearing and pulled it over my head and threw it on the floor. I then took his t-shirt of the same way.

Once we were both in our birth suit, he picked me up again and lowered me into the almost scolding hot bubble bath. I curled up my legs up to my chest giving him a bit more space to get in. He diped his big toe in and pulled it back out, before he could pull it out completely I grabbed his foot and pulled it down making him loose his balance and fall in the bath creating a big tidal wave. I chuckle as he screams after his body submerged in the boiling water.

"Oh stop whining you wuss" I start teasing him. "Oh yeah?" He asks raising his eyebrow. Suddenly his hands are back underwater and I feel the scolding hot water splash on my face. The mascara rolls down the sides of my face as I say "Oh no you didn't!" I shout slowly opening my eyes. I pull his legs and his whole head was now under water. I let go and he pulled him self up.

He didn't say a word after that. He just looked up at me with no readable expression on his face. I had no idea what he was going to do. He slowly grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart and placing them by his hips indicating me to wrap them around him. I do what he wants and I soon wraped my arms around his neck as he leans in closer and I complete the gap.

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