Love at first sight (Sequel)

Lottie and Niall have been married for a couple of months now. Their dream is on their way out. But what is their dream? And what happens to it after it does become reality?


1. Chapter 1

Lottie's POV

I look down at my stomach and back up at the test. Was this really happening? I looked up at Niall from the pregnancy test. A big grin was slapped across his face when he saw my grin. There was finally going to be something that will pull us closer together, if it was even possible. I suddenly felt his muscular arms wrap around my body. I dropped the test on the floor and hugged him back. He suddenly tightened his grip and picked me up of the floor and spun me around. "I cant wait for our precious baby to arrive" He said still spinning me in the air. "Nor can I" I whispered into his neck.

He lowered me to the ground without letting go of the tight grip. "I love you" he said as everything got quiet, even his voice. I smiled at the words, "I love you more" I replied trying to pull away to breath. He released me from his bear hug and crashed his lips into mine, making me forget about everything. I enjoyed the moment while it lasted. He pulled away and a silent moan rolled off my tongue."Shall we tell anyone?" he asked me knowing the answer himself. "We should wait, I don't want to jinx anything" I was still whispering. He nodded and gripped his hands around me again. He rocked me side to side making me smile.

We both jumped up as the door bell rang and scared us to death. I panicked and picked the test up off the floor and hid everything. I almost forgot about the instructions that were laying in the sink. Niall went downstairs to open the door. I took everything and put it into a plastic bag. I tied it up and dumped it into a drawer in the spare room that was right next to bathroom. I made my way back out before turning around and realising that that room was going to be the baby's room one day. I crossed my arms and leaned against the frame of the door. I smiled and looked around planing what it was going to look like in my head.

Suddenly I felt the bear hug again. This time from behind. I turned my head around to see Niall's hair. His face was berried into my neck. He was leaving little wet kisses on my neck making me giggle. "Come on, lets go downstairs everyone's waiting for us" he spoke softly into my neck, I could feel his warm breath brush against my neck giving me goosebumps. He slowly released me from the bear hug again and took my hand. He intertwined his fingers with mine and pulled me gently downstairs. He was looking into my eyes the whole way. Whenever he looked into my eyes it felt like the first time. I could feel the butterflies flipping in my stomach. 

He walked towards the empty chair that was stood next to the couch that was taken up by Liam, Gemma Harry and Zayn. Louis and Kiah were in the kitchen. Niall pulled me behind him and he sat down on the chair. He pulled me on top of him and I sat down side ways with my knees on his chest, my feet between his thighs warming up and my head on his shoulder. I was pretty sure I was squashing him but I didn't care, he was quite comfortable. I closed my eyes for a moment taking in his smell. I opened my eyes and looked at him for a moment. He was looking at me and he smiled. I lowered my head back down to the previous position. I closed my eyes again and I felt him kiss my head and rub my arm before I drifted off.

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