Sky jones was considered a freak,she cuts,shes bullied,she has a eating disorder her best friend Kimberly Victoria trys to help but she doesnt listen but when she finally meets the right guy she holds back affraid of getting hurt but soon realizes hat he is true and she sees how much shes worth.


1. issues

"sky!"my best friend kim called my name"come here!"I walk over to her slowly,I feels everyone staring hears there laughing and whispering calling me "emo" or "fat" or whatever else they call me behind my back."What do you want kim!"i asked her angrily "did u eat last night?"she asked concerned"yea i ate some pasta"i said,she usally doesn't believe me so i was surprised when she said "did it stay down?"i hesitate but answer truly"no"she just looks at me then walks away.

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