Sky jones was considered a freak,she cuts,shes bullied,she has a eating disorder her best friend Kimberly Victoria trys to help but she doesnt listen but when she finally meets the right guy she holds back affraid of getting hurt but soon realizes hat he is true and she sees how much shes worth.


2. Hospital Trip

i was in history classi felt people staring and joking so i asked if i could go to the bathroom so i could throw up,well make myself throw up,then i walked back to history, i was sitting down writing notes for this dumb ass class when i felt dizzy,started seeing things.Next thing i know im laying in a hospital bed and my head is pounding with pain and all i hear is"you'r awake are you ok!"kim was standing over me."im fine kim,what happened?"i asked while rubbing my head."you passed out during history"i just sat there and thought "what is going on with my life?why am i so unwanted ,am i really that fat and weird?"i was in hospital for about 2 days being tube fed and now i have to go to therapy for my problems and my scars were coverd,i convinced my mom not to send me to a hospital so i just do therapy.

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