Je T'aime

Johnetta, an average American teenager, is having family trouble so her parents decide to ship her off to Paris, France to visit with her aunt and uncle. While in Paris, she makes a friend. Johnetta and her new friend, Jalina, find two cute french boys. One of the boys, Micheal, falls in love with Johnetta. He shows her the true Paris, not just museums, but the romance of the city. But Johnetta knows she'll have to go home soon, but she doesn't wanna go. Because she wants to stay so bad, she asks him if they can run away together. He says yes, and they leave together, but the french police is called by her aunt and they end up finding them hiding in a abandoned church. Read to find out what happens. :)


2. The Boy At The Airport

                 Johnetta's p.o.v.

Walking in the airport was horrifying she thought she was going to die from the size of the place. It was huge. She had never seen something this big. " Wow!" She said under her breath. That's when he walked up to her family. Her mom and dad thought it would be exiting to tag along for one day before they left, but as soon as Johnetta saw him she wished they had stayed home. His light olive colored skin and dark green eyes complimented his black hair. He was wearing a tight black shirt with black skinny-jeans and red converses. He was gorgeous. Just looking at him she was totally in love. "Hello, I'm Micheal. I will be escorting you to Paris." He said in a french accent that totally made her drool. "Um, hi." My mom said with enthusiasm. No way! Did my mom really just flip her hair at him, Johnetta thought to herself surprised. Then he looked her way, smiled shyly, and said, "Hello, you must be Johnetta." Completely lost for words all she could do was nod and try not to drool. Wait was he blushing, she thought. Oh my god, he is! "If you would all follow me, please." He was staring at Johnetta deeply, like he could look into her soul. She shifted her weight uncomfortably, so he looked away not wanting to make her nervous. Then they followed him onto the plane.

      Micheal's p.o.v. 

      She was gorgeous, he thought. No ones prettier than her. The plane ride took a whole night, and the whole time she was quite. He would ask her a question and she would just clear her throat. Well at least they would have a while together this summer, so maybe the could become friends and maybe more...

    She never said anything to anyone the whole time. Maybe she's just shy, he thought. Then the pilot came on the speakers, " We will be landing shortly please stay in your seats. Thank you." Well we're bout to land so she gets to see the real Paris.


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