Je T'aime

Johnetta, an average American teenager, is having family trouble so her parents decide to ship her off to Paris, France to visit with her aunt and uncle. While in Paris, she makes a friend. Johnetta and her new friend, Jalina, find two cute french boys. One of the boys, Micheal, falls in love with Johnetta. He shows her the true Paris, not just museums, but the romance of the city. But Johnetta knows she'll have to go home soon, but she doesn't wanna go. Because she wants to stay so bad, she asks him if they can run away together. He says yes, and they leave together, but the french police is called by her aunt and they end up finding them hiding in a abandoned church. Read to find out what happens. :)


1. The Announcement. (short chapter)

    Well this day just went from bad to worse, Johnetta thought to herself. Her parents just announced that she was being shipped to Paris, France to visit with her aunt, Sarah, and her uncle, John. Well this was going to be horrible, Johnetta thought. She had a bad day at school her best friend, Amy, stopped talking to her for a guy. She had enough trouble getting a guy; Amy did not.

    Her parents had no idea what this trip was going to do to her, and neither did she. 'What? You can't send me to Paris! Not with the dance coming up! You can't be serious." Johnetta said with true rage. "We don't have a choice; don't worry it will only be the summer." Her mother said calmly. " No you don't understand the End of The Year dance is the biggest thing of the entire year everyone gets a really good grade on this dance; it's a Phys. Ed. grade, and I really need this grade!" "I'm sorry honey but I don't have a choice any more." "You do have a choice but your going with Tim's ideas like always, and you know I hate it when u listen to him!" She ran to her room crying hard hating her mom. She wanted to go to Paris but she thought she had to go to the dance. Boy was she ever so wrong.

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