The Meaning Of Us

Their Back! Liz, Jake, Alexia, and Trina are back, but this time they aren't in school. They are all around 20 to 21 years old. In this book Liz and Jake are still a couple! Going on to four years of there relationship, is Jake ready to pop the question? Sequel to The Meaning Of Love.


9. Long Time Since The Last Time

Jakes P.O.V


"There is no way in hell!" I yelled.

    "You cant keep me from my dad!" She screamed.

    "I don't want you to get hurt!" I snapped back. She didn't say anything. She just turned around and stormed up the stairs. I ran after her and grabbed her hand.

    "You can come too." She cried quietly.

    "Good. I want to protect you. I'm worried something might happen." I whispered.

    "I know." She hugged me tightly. We went upstairs and got ready to leave. I couldn't believe I was risking this. But as long as Liz was happy, I was happy.

        We pulled up to a gray car and saw Liz's dad standing next to it. I got out first and then helped Liz out of the car. As soon as she got out she looked directly at her dad.

     "Liz, you are all grown up." He went for a hug but she smacked him across the face.

     "Yeah I know." She said.

     "I'm going to let that one slide because I know your mad." He said looking back at her. "Who is this?" He asked glancing at me. She grabbed my hand.

    "He is my fiancé." She said sharply.

    "Oh. And I also see your pregnant." He replied. "Who is the dad."

   "I am." I said raising my hand slightly.

    "Look Liz, I want to be there for you." He began.

    "You have never been there for me!" She interrupted.

    "But I am now!" He snapped. I quickly put my arm around Liz.

    "I will give you one chance to prove you have changed. One!" She snarled.

    "One is all I need." He said. "Two more questions, one, how many months? Two, do you know if its a boy or girl?"

   "Eight months and we are waiting to find out." She replied as she got back into the car. I followed and we went home. That went better than expected.

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