The Meaning Of Us

Their Back! Liz, Jake, Alexia, and Trina are back, but this time they aren't in school. They are all around 20 to 21 years old. In this book Liz and Jake are still a couple! Going on to four years of there relationship, is Jake ready to pop the question? Sequel to The Meaning Of Love.


8. I Wont Let You

Jake's P.O.V


"I seriously cant believe that your six months pregnant." I exclaimed.

    "I cant believe that we had to cancel the wedding." She mumbled. She was pissed that we had to change the date of the wedding. But we had no other choice. With everything happening with her dad it was just to much of a risk. 

   "Liz, the wedding isn't canceled." I said as I got on my knees and sat in front of her.

   "I know." She sighed. I put my hand on her stomach.

   "Don't be sad, my love. Remember we still have our other surprise." I said softly. She smiled and then put her hand on top of mine. 

   "Did you feel that?" She said, her smile got bigger. I nodded my head and kissed her stomach.

   "I bet you its boy." She looked up at me. I just looked up at her and smiled. 

   "I was umm, thinking, that, um," I began.

   "Well on with it!" She laughed.

   "Well I thought if it was a boy, we could name him Trevor. And if its girl, Jamie. If that's okay with you." I said.

   "I love it." She replied. I leaned in to kiss her, but her phone interrupted us.

   "Hello?" She said. "What. Okay if-" She started but I grabbed her phone and hung it up.

  "What did he say." I demanded. She didn't answer. "Liz, what did he say." I said slowly.

   "He said that he wanted to see me." She responded.

   "Well you're out of your damn mind if you think I'm going to let you do that."

   "He went back to jail! Jake, he was released again for god knows why! They said they believe that he has changed!" She said tears filling her eyes.

   "Have you been talking to him?" I asked. She looked at me and started crying. "Why are you crying?" I questioned.

   "You're upset! I can tell." She sobbed. I got up and sat next to her. I pulled her in for a hug and cradled her in my arms till she fell asleep. I started thinking about what would happen if she were to go see her dad. What if he hurt her again. I couldn't and wouldn't let that happen.

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