Spotless (I wanna grow old with you, Niall sequel!)

Sequel to 'I wanna grow old with you, Niall' !


5. This doesn't feel right

Hailey POV

 I smiled at my note from them. My phone ran and it said 'Him' and a picture of us kissing. I moaned and answered it "Hello?" I started "Hail? Where the fuck are you? I've been calling you all day. You scared me." he said worried. "Well you scared me earlier, that's why I left." I spoke, shrugging my shoulders. "Well. I'm sorry, I had a lot of anger in me this morning. I- I just lost it." his voice began to crack "It's OK, I guess. But I don't think I'm ready to be engaged, Niall." I finished before waking up from that nightmare! "Hail, wake up!" Niall said shaking me "Were in New York." I smiled and wrapped my arms around him "Don't ever leave me. I love you" I said as I pressed my lips against him. "OK, I won't. But whats wrong?" he said a little concerned "Nothing, I swear." 

Niall POV

She was scaring me a little. But I didn't think anything of it. Hailey called Paul. "How are my babies?" she said perky. She was quiet for a bit, and said with a smile "Cool. Thanks Paul. We should be home tomorrow night." 

When we arrived in New York, we were mobbed my screaming girls. "RUN!" I heard Hailey yell, as we ran into the ally, hands intertwined. We all laughed in relief. We finally went into a little shop, and they totally transformed us. She looked at us, and smiled "Beautimous, right Maria?" as they stared at us in awe. When we left, we looked at a few places before we finally found on. "This." I said looking at Louis, "It's perfect, right?" he said. We bought it, and then left to get our things, which were being flew out with Zayn and Liam. The also flew the kids out with them, too. When they arrived we were so happy to be there, adn finally got out of California. 

Hailey and I laid in our bed, before the door bell rang. It was Zayn and Liam with the babies. I took our children up to my room, as Hailey watched them. I walked back down and then got some bags. We began to unpack. Hailey put the babies down for a nap. "I'm happy, Nialler." she said kissing me. "Can we plan for the wedding?" she said smiling. "Of course." 

This day was everything I had ever wanted. She said she loved me, and asked if we could plan for our wedding. This day was my all. No this girl was my all, and our relationship was.....spotless.

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