Spotless (I wanna grow old with you, Niall sequel!)

Sequel to 'I wanna grow old with you, Niall' !


3. New York

Hailey POV

Today we decided to go out to New York and look for houses. We left at about 6:00am. Everyone came along, except Zayn and Liam who were in Vegas. When we got to the airport, Harry was checking out some girls, as the rest of us sat . *659 for New York* we heard. "Lets go!" Louis said, walking toward the plane. I looked back at Harry "Haz, were leaving!" I said, making him leave the sluts he was with. When we boarded the plane, It was Niall and I in one row, Harry and some other girl, adn Louis and Maria. We had to leave in the kids in La, with Paul. "Are you  excited?" Niall said as I looked out at the ground. "I guess. I really want to get out of LA, too much sun, too many whores, too much everything ! But if we do find a house otday, we have no luggage with us." He looked at me, I think he just realized now, that we didn't have anything put the clothes on our backs. "Shit." he said under his breath, I just laughed and picked up his chin, so he would look in my eyes. "it's fine, Niall. We'll just go back and get it." I said assuring him "That makes sense, we'll just go back 3,000 miles to LA, to get some damn clothes. God, Hailey sometimes your just so damn stupid." Niall was starting to raise his voice. He was scaring me, he didn't do this often, and he never did it to me. The attendant came over to us "Everything OK?" I looked at her with tears forming but, not daring to fall. Not in front of Niall. I just got up and exited the plane before it took off. I took one last look back at Maria, and she gave me a 'wtf' face. "Sorry" I mouthed to her. 

Niall POV

I was mad. The boys and I had to leave for the Take me Home tour April 1st. And I didn't want to tell her, not yet. So I just took it out on her, everything, all my anger. I just didn't want to leave her. Or the kids, or LA. I wanted to wake up every morning to her, not some fans. I saw her call a cab and get into one, before the plane even left the ground. She looked right into the window I was next to, I waved but she just got in and wiped her face. I made her cry. I never wanted to do that. Maria came up and sat next to me. "What the fuck was that, Niall?" she asked trying not to raise her voice. "I'm sorry, Maria." I said, voice cracking and all. "Your saying sorry to the wrong person." she said reassuring me. "Apologize to her when we get back, ya hear?" She said smacking me lightly, before returning to Louis.

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