Spotless (I wanna grow old with you, Niall sequel!)

Sequel to 'I wanna grow old with you, Niall' !


2. Its Over

Niall POV

I woke up to Hailey sitting on my chest, legs on either side of me. She was wearing my 'I feel lucky' T shirt, and some booty shorts. "Happy St.Patrick's day, my little leprechaun." She said with a hint of lust. I sat up, and she kissed my nose. "Good morning, babe" I said as I sat upon the uncomfortable motel bed. "Niall, lets get the hell out of here." She said looking around. She out on some black leggings and her boots. We walked out to the car, and drove just out of the parking lot before we ran completely out of gas. Fuck my life! I thought. She looked at me, and I gave her a worried look before we started cracking up. "Were real lucky today. Call Louis" I asked of her. I got out and opened the hood "He's not answering, I'll call Haz." She yelled from the passanger side. Harry pulled up with his Rover, and rolled down the window, "Get in." He said chuckling. Hailey and I got in the backseat. It was silent for a while. But at a red light Harry turned smirking "what where you guys doing there last night anyway?" I just looked at Hailey and we started laughing. Harry drove us back to our house and we called a tow truck to get our car.

Hailey POV

When we got back to the house Louis and Maria were sitting down with Charelotte. "And where were you last night, missy?" Maria said as if she were my mom. I walked over to them and sat next to them on the couch. "Why did you guys leave last night?" Maria asked curiously "Niall wanted to 'have fun'." She looked at me and smiled, before Niall called me up. I waltced into our room, and Anthony had a major fever, so we took him to the doctors. We arrived in about 10 minutes. We had to take Louis's car. When we got there, the line was pretty short. We got in and out with our prescription, as we went to the car we were spotted by paparazzi.They got a lot of pictures of us and the kids. Possibly my ring.

We got back and I played with Chandler while Niall rocked Anthony on the couch after a while Chandler got hungry. He was about 4 monnths old so I made him spaghetti. I put him in his chair, and heated up some food. I gave it to him and said "Is that good,babe?" I stated thinking there wouldn't be a reply. He nodded his head "Yah." I screamed and Maria ran in, "Whats wrong, Hail?" she said picking up the drink from the floor. "He talked!" I said way to excited. She picked him up from his high chair "Did he now?" I grabbed his hands and said "Mama?" in my baby voice, "C'mon, Chandler. Mama?" I repeated "Mama" he said. Maria put him in his chair and we just screamed and laughed. "Niall!" Maria said, he ran in and took her place. I whispered to him "He talked." he smiled and looked at our already messy child, "He did?" said Niall, walking over to him. I started to laugh "Yep."  Niall picked me up and sat me down on the counter. He pressed himself up against the counter, and me as well. I whispered to him, "You know Niall. It's over." he smirked at me "Awesome."

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