Spotless (I wanna grow old with you, Niall sequel!)

Sequel to 'I wanna grow old with you, Niall' !


10. Getting Ready


I was shaking, to nervous to talk. "Well, no turning back now, right Hail?" A smiling Lou said as she began to bleach the ends of my hair. 

"Ah! I'm so scared, Maria!" I stressed the 'a' in her name.

"It'll look so hot. Don't worry." Lou smiled again.


I must say, it did turn out amazing. I couldn't wait till Niall saw it. It would come as a big shock, because we can't see each other until after the wedding. When I got home, I wet straight to my room and took a 'selfie' for Twitter. After it uploaded, I realized I shouldn't have done that! I quickly took it down. I let out a sigh of relief. "Hey, Hail. Go try on your dress, please." Smiled Lou.

I returned the smile, "Sure. I'll be right out."

I went to my large closet and pulled out the big white dress covered in plastic. I slid the whiteish/cream dress over my body. Looking in the mirror, I admired the diamonds lining the sweetheart neckline, also the diamonds lining the corset just before the dress began to poof out. It was actually a Pnina Tornai. Niall and I decided to have a large wedding, so why not have a large dress, right? After the wedding, Niall and they boys have to go on tour. We haven't exactly told the fans about the wedding, so. Am I nervous, hell yes. I was awoken from the train of thoughts by Lou, "Hail? What are you doing in there? C'mon the girls and I want to see." I smiled and walked out with confidence. Eleanour, Perrie, Danielle, Maria, Mary, Lou, Lux, Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn sitting there, smiling. I looked at each and everyone of their expressions. All smiles, "Awe, Hailey! Your growing up !" screamed Harry. I smiled, and he hugged me. Lou also  hugged me, and Lux gave me a big wet kiss on my nose. I smiled, and wiped her slobber off with a "Thank you, Lux."


A/N: Sorry tyhis chapter is so short! I just wanted to get something out there today. Well, I'm going to be late for school, so bye lovlies(: Like, Comment, Favourite! -hailey12 and maria01

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