Spotless (I wanna grow old with you, Niall sequel!)

Sequel to 'I wanna grow old with you, Niall' !


1. Get a motel!

Hailey POV

It was starting to get romantic, and of course. The twins start crying. I ran up to get them, as Maria stopped me at the top of the stairs almost as she knew I would be there. "Go be with you finace." she said fixing the colar on my shirt. "Sure?" I questioned her "Positive, now go." I gave her a hug before returning to Niall. 

I returned to my seat, but Niall wasn't there, instead a note. 'Find me.' It read. I chuckled and walked into the kitchen. "I guess if nobody's around i won't need these sweats." I said teasing him, I heard a slight groan coming from behind the fridge, before running over to it. "I got you!" he screamed as he put his arms around me, then he realized I in fact, did have my sweats on.  "You teased me, Hail." he said pouting. "Niall, not now. Everyone is awake." "Fine, I have an idea. A motel !" he screamed, I just smiled at his childness, and we went to the car. We arrived at the nearest motel, and we got a room for the night. At first, there was nothing to do, so we just watched movies. "I'm bored." Niall admitted as he played with my hair on the bed. "Can we you know...Have fun?" I smacked him, and yelled "Niall!" he had never been so forward. "Niall, not tonight." I pleaded. "Why?" he groaned "Lady problems." I admitted embarrassed. He just look and said "I bet Louis is getting some action." I looked at him "Nope, Maria and I are best friends. Same days!" I said chuckling, he laughed as well, and through the laughs said "Ew, that's gross." He got up from the bed, and went to the vending machine, and came back with some chocolate, "Thanks, babe." I said kissing his lips. "Hmm, no problem. But after your period you know whats going down, right?" he said smirking, I pushed him back on the bed, at we ate chocolate together, before I fell asleep in his grip.

A/N: Sorry this chapter is so short ! I just miss writing my fanfics about Niall! I had to return !

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