Spotless (I wanna grow old with you, Niall sequel!)

Sequel to 'I wanna grow old with you, Niall' !


9. Allen Carr

Hailey POV

"Just ignore them babe." Niall whispered.

I honestly don't know how he deals with this. All day. Every day. I feel bad for him, but I'll be there for him. Once we got in the place was filled with people. And I mean, like a few hundred screaming girls. 


"OK, now your on in 10 seconds. Don't suck." A big sweaty guy warned Niall and I. He gave us a thumbs up, indicating us to go on stage.

"Oh, look, here we have the beautiful, young, dashing Niall Horan, and that girl." He said sarcasticly. I gave him a hug and he screamed, "Just kidding, you know we love you Hailey."

I smiled, "I guess."

Allen leaned closer to us and put his folded hands up to his mouth. "I heard some rumors." 

"Some are probably true." Niall butted.

"Do you guys have kids?"

The audience grew silent. Every pair of eyes on us. "Yup. Two, actually. Chandler and Anthony." Niall said rather calm.

"Well, bring 'em out here!" Allen screamed. That same guy brought them out and sat Anthony on my lap and Chandler on Niall's lap. "So, Hailey," Allen paused. I smiled, and nodded,


"How's Niall...You know? In bed?"

I smiled and started to crack up laughing along with everyone else. I couldn't speak but managed to say, "Fine."

"So, another question for the happy couple."

"Yeah?" Niall and I said in unison, 

"Is that an engagement ring?" He pointed to my ring,

"It's a promise ring." I said with sympathy. "After tour, we're going to settle down." I finished.I looked at Niall who smiled wide at me. 

"Just kiss!" Allen screamed, so we did. A small peck on the lips was all. "So does anyone have any questions for either of them?" Allan asked the audience.A couple hundred people screamed and Allan called out 5 numbers, and five girls got to come up on stage and meet us. 1: Claire 2:Michelle 3:Eve 4:Mackenzie 5: Hope 

"You guys have a trivia challenge, the winner gets an autographed T shirt by the boys, and front row tickets to their concert here in New York City!" Everyone went crazy again.

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