A book...

A book with all the truths that the police want, but there is one man who knows their weaknesses. Lee Franklinson, head of the most murderous gang in Newcastle, or the UK. When something happens to Kyle and his family, will he have the chance to run and help numerous lives, or will it all end for him?


4. Upon Pages

The cold feeling of the leather straps made me feel the apprehension and fear the other people who have filled this is, have always on their mind. I wonder why all of them had to go through this. Is it the same as Kyle? To only save me and keep me from harm. He would have done anything to leave this place, the deary flat and the depressing memories of a previous life that no-one would want if they had a choice. 


I have to do something for the memory of him, and that wouldn't be me. Just me who would get a run down job and live the same life day in day out, the only perks seeing my gorgeous wife when I came home to late to even think about doing anything fun.


My eyes locked on the brown running satchel that Kyle had bought only days before his death. He said I would need it, but in the meantime he would use it. I picked the book up and stuffed it in. Grabbing a blanket and coat on top to show that there wouldn't be anything wrong with it. 


I was frozen by a tap at the window. My head shot in the direction it came in, and my stomach dropped about three floors under the ground. This must be, him. The guy who ran the gang. I couldn't remember names, not at the point I was in now. 


"Open the door little pig, or I'll blow your house down." his voice sent chills vibrating non-stop up and down my back, my sweat turned to ice and I could feel it freeze on the needles I had for hair on my body. His eyes were normal to any other person who didn't know anything about this whole plan and situation, but to me, they were like graves all ready dug. They were cold and lifeless, the shimmering blue and green mix invited you to play with him, but you wouldn't want to play with the rough edges and hidden truths of this teddy bear. You would end up six foot under, never to hear your siblings say your name, never hold your child, never kiss your loved one. 


His hair was thick and was matted together, and you could see it hadn't been washed in a while. The deep ebony colour would have been useful for the work he did at night. His face unshaven and would seem to deadly to even look at, one peek and your eyes would be destroyed.


His clothes perfect for the punishments he wanted to give people, the long leather jacket ripped and scattered with blood. The black shirt, opened at the collar, the baggy legged jeans that were prestine to all dirt. Finally the high, steel capped boots which didn't have a scratch on them. The shine seemed to reflect all of their enjoyment they had when they were put to 'work'.


This whole man, was J Forbes.

The man who killed all of his girlfriends and only wife and daughter. His son working at his right hand side.

Lee Forbes.


How could I have not seen it sooner, all of this is revenge for the things that have happened in school from me and Kyle. The mocking and the fights over the girls started this whole plan off. It simply just got out of hand.


"SANDY!" I screamed to her, she wouldn't hear me properly, she maybe wouldn't wake up. The taps of her feet on the floor boards made me take back that statement and make me want to kick myself, J had seen her. He would get her like all of the other girls he wants, use them. Sell them every night to the highest bider and won't see them for a few days.


"Get downstairs and lock the basement door, I do NOT want you to go out of there, do you understand?" I questioned my eyes still trained on him.


"Why the blo-" she started to say, but must have looked at the man on the other side of the glass, who constantly tapped on the pane. Keeping the rhythm of an average beat, tap-tap-tap. Mine on the other hand, was going like a freight train run of the tracks and wouldn't stop.


I trained my eyes off him and looked to Sandy, she was gone and in the basement. The sound of the metal locking insured me that she was safe for the time being. 


I hooked the bag over my back and made me way to the door. Each step seemed to be like my own funeral march, I could even hear the music in the back of my mind. Taking one deep breath, The handle on the door turned under my palm and I braced myself fro what was to come.


But there was nothing. 


The icy air stung at me eyes and held my tension unwillingly. The colds encouraged my tears and fears to break lose,the silence made me think the worst was about to happen. 


I started to sprint down the street and into town, I just remembered my cars keys were on the bench at home, god I am such an idiot sometimes. 


The sound of the car behind me made the sweat on my brow increase and my breathing sounding like I'm having a panic attack. My feet screamed at me too stop and rest, but if I did that I would be reunited with my brother.


"You may want to check the last few pages of that son, you can see some people you may know!" He started to shout, and the car stopped behind me. I took a left and then a right, then another. I took different turns to try and lead them off my path, it would wok for half an hour at the most.


As I sat, the thorns jabbing my spine and arms, I opened the book. Flicking through the pages, all the names were written in bold and filled most of the top of the page. I kept skimming over, names started to build up and up:


Joe Scarrow

Fredrickson Gleddis

George Hidrow

Delilah Perrydew

Francesca -


More names, some of the women in here were only saying no to sex and had been on the run for a number of years. 


The name Francesca came up regularly with some of the men, she had been homeless and they had all took her in but she had killed them for the leader. J Forbes. 


There was one page that stood out, the edges torn and splatters of blood were still fresh on the page. It was all dated, this one was in the last few days. 


29th March 2013 Deaths 


First page was a person who I had not heard from in months: Tommy Michealson. The very same guy who had beaten up Kyle when they came over with that other guy.


The next hit closer to home, it was my own mother. They had pictures showing the weapons they used in her torture, the pictures of her injuries. It was all of J's plan for us.


The final words on the pages struck me hard:


She gave us no word of our rouge Kyle. We need him for the kid. 


Then the mug shot of our father, nothing good there. Just that he was disloyal to him and gave away to many secrets. Or was it dad? The picture was not clear, the eyes and hair were far too colourful for that old man.


The final page in the book was clean. No words on what has happened to the poor soul. Only a name was there.



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