A book...

A book with all the truths that the police want, but there is one man who knows their weaknesses. Lee Franklinson, head of the most murderous gang in Newcastle, or the UK. When something happens to Kyle and his family, will he have the chance to run and help numerous lives, or will it all end for him?


5. Until you get to the final one







I was next.


I could feel the eyes upon me, studying me like some deranged zoo animal. Something was with them though, something that even I couldn't outrun, and I was the fastest person on the track team at school! 


Slowly placing the book back into the bag, I never took my eyes off the small little robin that was on the opposite tree. It's eyes shone with the rays of sun that weaved themselves through the trees, it's red breast seemed to light up and glow in it's pride. It almost seemed to grin at me as I looked upon it. 


The scuffle in the trees around us sent it bolting for cover. The air grew stale and icy as I waited for the next final move they would make. 


I didn't want to wait any longer, I did the exact same move as the bird and bolted away. I never wanted to be in any of this, but to be honest I always was. From when my brother made the decision to end his perfectly good career and future, for me not to, just to end up dead. 


I jumped to my feet, I still felt uneasy about my surroundings. Something was definitely wrong. That rustle again and the breaking of twigs. The roll of cars coming to a stop beside me, the silence that followed. 


Scrambling to my feet, I legged it out of the woods and down the street. The gravel sprayed and soil that flew with the bullets that missed me by inches. That was the only thing keeping me going, the knowledge that if I stopped now I would be dead. 


The bullets slowed down as the time passed. It must have been ten minuets that I have been running. Slowing down as I reach the outskirts of the town, the bullets have stopped completely. I lost myself in the crowds of bubbly teens and grouchy granddads who had to be dragged around by their wives. I turned to the side alley that always gets us too the police station quicker, I know. A side alley? Why on earth would I go down one? It's quicker and easier. They wouldn't do it here anyway, it's far too busy.


I turn the corner after running down the alley and I saw the blue lights of the police station. I looked around, trying to spot the men.


As I took the final step on to the concrete pathway I felt the pain course through my leg, I stifled a scream so unbelievably hard. The officers looked at my through the pane and started to run out of the office. Another shot going all the way through my stomach. 


"YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE GONE TO THE COPS KID!" J shouted at me. The faces of the armed men came in to view as the final bullet was let into the air. I knew that it was going higher up, aimed at me head, I gripped the bag around my waist as it hit me. The world ending with this final bullet

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