A book...

A book with all the truths that the police want, but there is one man who knows their weaknesses. Lee Franklinson, head of the most murderous gang in Newcastle, or the UK. When something happens to Kyle and his family, will he have the chance to run and help numerous lives, or will it all end for him?


1. Preface

I have waited on this dock for over half an hour. Sitting and waiting for J to say he was ready in the spot. The wind was hitting my face like knives carving deep into it.  It was just a replay of that night...


A year ago yesterday. Waiting outside the club. Phone in hand, keeping a constant rhythm to the beats of the heavy music thumping through my head. Tom had gone back in to say bye to 'his' gal. I bet she was some hooker for men who came in there, depressed or completely smashed that they can't process what they are doing. The time was running out, we had to meet J's right hand man Lee at 1 am at the latest, 12 30 am now. I waited by the entrance, 10 minutes; 20 minutes; the beep of my phone indicated the strike of the hour. Sh**, what would Lee do know, we were already in his bad books. Literally! 

Look, I'm waiting for tom. Please don't be mad! Sorry Lee



I pushed myself off the wall and walked around to the alley nearest the car.


"Don't come over here Kyle! RUN!" Tom's pleads rang through the stale air around my pulsing head. what was so wrong that I couldn't get to him? I wanted to go, I had to go, but my feet felt like they were set in concrete.


Two eyes stared at me from a shadowed door, I felt the flicker of recognition as they stared through me. I staggered towards them, making me feel that I had much more to drink than that single pint.


A light sparked and spat as it was forced to awaken. The stench of vomit and blood hit my eyes hard, my vision turning blurred through the tears. I cleared them quickly, and that was when I saw the, almost, dead body of Tom. The right shoulder of one, and the left of another person made me feel like a crushed grape. The click and freezing temperature of a gun at my back, the looming presence of another close to me. 


"GET THE BOOK!" He shouted, but was cut short at the blow of a gun. His head swooped low and blood began to pour out of his mouth and onto the floor. I felt my hands open and close around something cold, the gun. The bang of a door. I was left with the dead body of a friend, and his murder weapon. 


J was unbelievably angry at me, I had lost one of his closest friends and he thought I had killed him. He was still angry about me missing my 'appointment' with Lee. No matter how much I had protested he would never leave his theory.


My phone vibrated in my pocket, was he calling me? He never does that though... I looked down at the ID, it was Kenny my older brother. 

"Where are you Ky? You never came back from school!" He was shouting at me now, I heard his girlfriend, Sandy, trying to calm him in the background.

"Listen, I'm at the docks. Don't worry, I'll be back soon." I replied quickly and then ended the call. 

I waited again, zipping my coat up further to try and keep the winter from hitting me.

"Get up off your fat ass Kyle, were's the book?" his deep voice was slow and riddled with a fine English accent. 

"What do you mean J?" I replied, boy I was nervous as hell

"The book with all of the secrets of the murders that we played out. The one Tom screamed at you before you murdered him"



Kenny's POV

"Come on Sandy, he's in trouble. I know it." 

We ran to the car and completed the ten minute journey in silence. The snow had started to fall heavily and I could just tell that my stupid arrogant little brother had dug himself a hole so deep, that there was no way he could get out of it alone. 


I helped Sandy as we ran onto the bridge and saw them. Kyle stood there, shaking and shouting, the other guy held a gun at arms length. He turned to look at me,

"GET THE BOOK!" He yelled, the other guy turned at us, the gun dropping momentarily. It was J Forbes, one of our best mates at school. He had raised the gun again, directly at Kyle's head. His finger hesitant on the trigger.

If you had blinked, you would have missed it. The small spray of blood, the deep intake of breath, the smile on J's face. He left, just like that. I fell at my brothers side after leaving Sandy on the bridge. The tears wouldn't stop, his were glassed over. The snow turning red around my feet. I knew exactly what book he was talking about, but what would happen to me if I hid it like he did. Would I survive, or end up another name in that book. Only time will tell...

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