A book...

A book with all the truths that the police want, but there is one man who knows their weaknesses. Lee Franklinson, head of the most murderous gang in Newcastle, or the UK. When something happens to Kyle and his family, will he have the chance to run and help numerous lives, or will it all end for him?


3. Memories (part 2)

The silence in the car, was filled with pain and heartache. I now had no-one in my life. Kyle was the only one who had loved me in my family, but now... all I have is Sandy.


I woke with a start to the phone blaring through the house. The red flashing light on my clock read 1:32 am. Who in their right mind would be calling at this time of night.


The it clicked. Kyle was still not back yet. Something must have happened to him. What would I do without him? My 17th birthday was only 2 days ago, 15th February. Sandy let out a yawn and grabbed the phone.


"Hello?" her voice was groggy and filled with sleep


"No, I'm his brothers girlfriend. Can I help at all?"


"Yes I am aware of that."


"Okay, thank you."


She put the phone down and tears started to well in her eyes.


"Sandy? Honey, is everything okay? Who was it? Is Kyle in trouble?"


"It's your mam Kenny. She's dead." Her tears spilled over her eyes and her hands clung to my t-shirt.


"I never really cared about her Sandy, she left me and Kyle when I was twelve. C'mon lets go back to bed."


It never really mattered to me about my mother, it was just my 'dad' that I was worried about. He was always the sought of dad that would care about you and would love to see what you were doing, but things changed. I think I was five when he had started to hit Kyle. I saw those bruises on his arms, and I was literally sick. After hearing his screams of pain that shook my body from upstairs, I never wanted to leave my room. At eleven years old, watching this and seeing your mother doing absolutely nothing about it made my whole life change about it. 


"Kenny. Are you still awake?" I heard Sandy's frightened whisper.


"Yeah, what?" my eyes were still closed and I could feel myself falling back into a slumber.


"Someone's downstairs." My eyes had shot open and I grabbed the bat that was always by my bed. The cold tiles of the kitchen seemed alien to me from the change of the carpet to this. The two figures swayed from side to side, obviously drunk and high as kites.


I recognised those eyes and that voice, the other I was so used to having around the house.


"Kyle what the hell are you doing? Go round to Tommy's place would you, Sandy is here." My hand fumbled on the wall for the switch. My fingers eased it on and the bat dropped from my hand.


"Kenny my dear brother," Kyles said, the pupils in his eyes were extremely large and the stench of beer and sex stung my nose, "dad is gonna to stay wiv us. I do hop- loo don't min-d." His words were strung together and he was finding it hard to stand up. 


My father that night looked deadly. He was completely sober and his eyes were the same cold hearted as ever. He had done that to Kyle and I didn't know what his plan was, until I found them both going at it the next morning.


Dad held the knife at arms length at Kyle, their words full of profanities and combined with insults that you would never want to hear in your life time. I sat and watched from the top of the stairs, like I used to do when I was young and they went at it again. Even though Kyle was far to young for him to make any sense to me on why they were doing this, now I do. It was all for me. He had put up so many barriers on the dark sides of town for me not to be involved, in return he had to do 'business' with them. He never could escape alive, the only way for it was for his heart to stop beating. I never thanked him enough. 


"What you killed my mother, my best friend and almost me just because you don't like your own family?" Kyle shouted at him, I had never seen him this angry.


"Yeah, that's it. Just 'cause I don't like you!" His voice scared me immensely. I had never liked him from that day I was five, the day all hell broke loose.


"Why don't you do it then? You want to anyway!" The screams increased and I felt the tears fall from my eyes.


That was the first day I saw it. The leather binding, the black stitching, the red writing, the final black leather ties around the front. The writing was blood, easily washed off and over the years it had been caught in the rain quite a few times. On each page was a mug shot of the person, sometimes only took when they were dead, and all the information. All of the pages were double backed, some even taking four or more, it all depended on how long they were tracked or the amount of things that the guys had against them. 


As my fingers stroke over it, I realise one thing. This is what has made my life hell on earth. This is what killed my mother. This ended my only friend in the world, my brother.


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