A book...

A book with all the truths that the police want, but there is one man who knows their weaknesses. Lee Franklinson, head of the most murderous gang in Newcastle, or the UK. When something happens to Kyle and his family, will he have the chance to run and help numerous lives, or will it all end for him?


2. Memories (part 1)

I stood up and watched more of the blood flow from his body. My hands curled around his neck and back as I lifted him into my arms. The snow falling heavier and it bit my face as I walked forward. The tears left on my face froze, but they never felt like they were there. I was truly numb. Watching that bullet ride all the way through his brain and skull shook me and I didn't know whether I could get back from that.


He was always there for me when dad and mum fought. He comforted me in the mornings as I saw my own mother's new scars on her face and arms. No matter how much make up she put on, you would always be able to see the pulsing of the blood in the bruises and the pain flash in her eyes as they fell onto us.


We always looked like him, that's what she said to him one night, 'You have his same eyes and hair. That's why I have to leave. Your eighteen now Kyle, your dad is locked up but seeing you two around the house makes all those memories come back to me. I can't- I- I don't want them any more.'


She left that very same night. I was only twelve years old. I didn't see what she meant by him having her eyes, he had the same colour as her but only darker. These past few days they always got darker each time I looked in them, now I know why. The late night texts, the mornings where he would be so hungover he wouldn't wake up for a few days. I remember one day when it was worse:


I woke with a start, the clatter of pans and the shattering of glass. Sandy and I bolted upright in bed, the heat escaping quickly  My hands clamped around a baseball bat and I tip-toed to the door and down the stairs. As I reached the top step on the hall I heard the voices.


"Tucked up in bed are they Special K?" one bellowed his voice sounding like a a drunken fat man.


"Stop it Joe, I don't like being called after a cereal. Just don't make any more mess will ya? My brother will kill me." I recognised Kyle's voice instantly. The words were beginning to be mumbled and slurred together. 


"What you saying kid? J only wanted you because..." a sharp little voice sounded closer to the door. Closer to me.


"I know why J wanted me Tommy. To prove to all of you that the friends he has had longer, are better. In both respect and in trust. You too have just slagged him off on things that he wanted to to do."


" I don't like the way he talks about the boss Tommy." Joe said, his voice was sly and the joking was gone completely.


The scuffle that followed scared me and I loomed back into the shadows still watching them. One held him by his neck and dragged him out, the last had one of his hands forcing Kyle's arms to his back and up. He also held a gun to the very base of his spine.


The door was still wide open as they forced him out. I moved to the window, avoiding the glass shards, and watched as they threw punch after punch at him. As one held him to the floor the other injected him with something. The screams that erupted from his mouth, made my breathing hitch and my eyes well with tears.


The snap of the gun as it was loaded, and the sound of the trigger being pulled, then finally the scream that silenced everything.


"Come on Joe. I hear sirens." They just disappeared into the night. Just like that. 

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