Memories don't last forever (One Direction Fanfic!)

So this is my story about being best friends with someone who can't remember you. it is about a boy from a certain band.


5. The truth

Zayn POV:  ~~Before Ivy gets hit y the car.~~

i was over the moon with excitement  i was going to tell Ivy how i had never forgot her. i was lying the whole time. in fact i loved her. i felt a connection with her. i had never felt it with Perrie. Or any-one else for that matter. but i pretended to forget her as  didn't think she felt the same way. i ran up to her house i knocked then tried the door. i heard foot steps upstairs i walked up and past her room. then i heard the dripping of the water falling from the tap. i made my foot steps less notice able. i wanted to surprise her. but i was the one surprised. Ivy held her arm under the tap. as i saw the blade leave her ripped flesh. i just gasped. she started again. her eyes grew wide. but not just in shock, in disgust as well. as i got closer she ran out of the bathroom. i shouted her name as she ran outside. i was hot on her heels. i nearly got her when i saw her body fly through the air. her hair whipping her face as she slowly plummeted back down. with a thud she landed on the floor. her body twisted in an uncomfortable position. she had blood all over her robe. not just from the cut. tears welled up in my eyes as she lay on the floor in front of me. the sirens came and i jumped as they started crowding around her trying to move hr body without damaging anything further. they were giving her injections as a helicopter whirred above. everybody was crowding around. i heard whispers. "The emo killed herself." "look at her arm." "well like they say emos are suicidal." as i turned around and every one realized who i was the started snapping photos. i screamed at the people who were whispering about her as tears rolled down my face i got onto my motor bike and chased after the helicopter which was hovering above. The hospital seemed too bright. the colors bleak and the theme dull. the smiley nurses sat behind the desk. i mumbled then saw Ivy getting wheeled away on a stretcher  her eyes were fluttering, her stomach moving rapidly tears filled my eyes as i ran after her. she went through some sleek white doors to a room with beeping machines. i didn't want to think of her in any pain. but i was in pain, i wanted to tell her how i truly felt.  i ran in after her to get restrained by doctors. i was sat on a plastic white change, sweat was dripping down my forehead as paparazzi arrived. my heart was pumping, my stomach doing flips. i went to get water. the paparazzi pawed at me and pulled my jacket. wanting me to answer questions. as the heat in the room rose, my head started spinning. my hand slipt on the chair so i was left sprawling on the floor. the buzz of people talking, the beeping of the machines, the flashes of the camera soon became to much i collapsed in a heap onto the floor. 

i woke up to see myself tucked into a hospital bed. i instantly sat up at started to pull the covers from underneath me. that's when i noticed sobbing coming from the corner. it was Perrie. "What are you doing here?" i asked her as i swung my legs off of the bed. "i just miss you. i want you to hold me again." she said as she cried some more. "don't lie. you cheated on me. you should have just stayed with him. i don't want you back. i have only just got Ivy back and i am not losing her. just leave Perrie." i walked out of the hospital room. and ran into Ivy's  she was lying on the bed, she looked so peaceful. i sat beside her and brushed the hair from her face. i was willing for her. i didn't want to lose her again. that was when the machine flat-lined  that was when i was shouting at doctors to save her. that was when i felt i had lost my whole world. i buried my feelings away, i had never forgot her. The last time she saw me was before she got hit, she was running from me in disgust, Lucy had told her lies about me.  i watched as doctors scrambled about, they charged the defibrillator. i watched her chest rise as they put it on her, it still wasn't working. they tried again and again. it didn't work, she was dead, she was gone. i couldn't tell her what i really felt. 

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