Memories don't last forever (One Direction Fanfic!)

So this is my story about being best friends with someone who can't remember you. it is about a boy from a certain band.


4. Slash goes the blade.

ivy POV: i went to collage the next day. everybody was swanning around me asking if Zayn was okay and how fit he was and when they could meet him. "He can't remember me so i wouldn't know" i said. everybody left me alone after that. i had no other friends other than Zayn and Corinne. but i wanted to talk to them. to be able to sit with Zayn again at lunch. i dyed my hair again. i wanted to go orange but instead i went a honey brown. My hair wrecked my appearance  it would eventually grow out though so i will be okay. i took my contact lenses out as they were damaging my eyesight. My wardrobe was getting more and more colorful i became a 'proper' girl. that lasted for about two months. Zayn was back in collage this time. but he didn't recognize me. he assumed i was new. he was so sweet again but when he made me laugh he realized it was me. "You could've told me it was you! i feel such a fool!" i just laughed. "You look better with out make-up on. but i prefer your hair Blue,green and purple." i blushed at him then he was staring into my eyes. i broke the gaze and looked down at the table. "sorry but i keep getting lost in those beautiful blue eyes you have." i blushed again then i said goodbye as the bell rang for the end of collage.

The next day Zayn didn't turn up. i missed the way he shakes his hair. "Ohh look little emo hasn't got any friends." i ignored who ever it was. i have learnt from my mistakes. "Too bad your little boyfriend isn't here. i'm sure he wouldn't be able to resist my lips. oh didn't he tell you we were going out?" i sat and thought about Perrie. "yes. he did dump Perrie for me and not for you or anybody else. you should hear what he says about you. he tells me that he feels sorry for you. as you have no friends, other than Zayn who is only doing it out of sympathy!" i couldn't stop the tears rolling down my face. i thought about the first time i saw him and he forgot me. he saw me crying then he, invited me to the party and walked with me there. that was only because we were at the park together. I turned around as tears pricked my eyes. to see Lucy' eyes staring back at me. she was beautiful and again everything i'm not. for the rest of the day i got bullied again. i was still worthless and nobody wanted me. nobody liked me,i wasn't loved and that everyone hates me especially Zayn.

~Next day~

i woke up and slipped into the shower. As the hot water made the air steam and my body temperature rise i slowly found the little silver blade. it was encrusted with old blood i ran it out. it was shiny, long and as i ran the blade across my wrist and i felt the warm blood leave my body i felt something was released from my shoulders. i always did. after self harming. as the blood red water ran down my leg and into the drain i stood and shivered. i got out of the shower and wrapped the same bloody towel i always used around he fresh cut. i went into my room. i put all of my piercings in. i got my blue hair back from washing the  brown out. i pulled out all my 'nice' clothes and got out the scissors they were all in shreds around me. it was then i received a threat through text 'you try anything on with Zayn. then that scar on your stomach will have a partner. but the consequences would be more severe. i walked into the bathroom once more. i had a robe and my bra and pants on underneath. i pulled up the pretty white sleeve peeled off the bloody towel. i retrieved the blade. Slowly i ran the blade along my arm. it cut deeper than before.

that was when Zayn walked past. his eyes bulged and his mouth made the shape of an O. i looked at him then he started spluttering. i ran away from him, i ran away from the house, the school. i ran from my life. Not fully dressed or noticing where i was going. the road was icy. i fell onto the cold, hard, slippery floor. Then all i heard was someone screaming and the screech of brakes. i fell slowly, it felt like forever, it was pitch black and i landed at the bottom with a thud.

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