Memories don't last forever (One Direction Fanfic!)

So this is my story about being best friends with someone who can't remember you. it is about a boy from a certain band.


3. Party

Ivy- I took the envelope of Zayn. i couldn't bare to look at him so i closed the door. he put his foot in the way. "one more thing." i looked at him then he gave me a little box from his pocket. he walked away and the door clicked shut. i chucked the box on the sofa and opened the envelope. 

Hey Ivy.

Come to my party at 8pm till 10pm


Thanks Corinne 

P.S no facial piercings or black please? 


i wanted to go as i loved Corinne but i wanted to wear black at least. i decided to look through my wardrobe. i found a midnight blue mini dress, a deep purple crop top with normal jeans, or a tartan dress. i layed the outfit on my bed and decided against dress' as they showed too much flesh. the only thing left was my crop top and jean number. i forgot all about the scar under my belly button. i put a blue short long sleeved jacket on. i hated dressing like this. i put on a skull chain necklace on and a cuff on my ear. i brushed my hair and just left it. i took my piercings out. the only way you could tell it was me was from the hair. i took out my contact lenses as well. My Blue hair contrasted with my Cuff as it was red. i grabbed my black bag and walked out of the house. i noticed it was only 6 30. so i went to the old abandoned park. only me and Zayn know about this place. i found the entrance then walked over to the bench that curved in the corner. i found the jumper that Zayn left the last time we were here. i picked it up and saw it was the Kiss one that i gave him for his birthday. it wasn't wet and still smelt of Zayn. i chucked it backwards. "Eww" I instantly turned around to see him ruffling his black hair. it was Zayn. i scowled as he smiled. he couldn't remember me and it broke my heart. i was in love with him but he doesn't know why would he?

Zayn POV: "Sorry but are you Ivy. who i was talking to earlier?" i had to ask. she wasn't wearing black and had a crop top on. she was wearing purple sneakers. she wasn't wearing any make-up, she was naturally beautiful. we talked and walked. her laugh is amazing. when we got to the party it was 8 30. "did you open the box i gave you?" "nope. but i put it in my bag so i'll open it know?" "okay but in the garden" we walked into the garden as she was fumbling in her bag. i couldn't help but notice everybody staring at her belly. i looked too. it was the first time i noticed the scar. it was familiar. she then looked at her stomach. she gasped. she must of forgotten that she had it showing. she shrugged and carried on searching in her bag. "it must have fell out." we trailed all the way back to the park then back to hers. she looked on her sofa and i looked on the floor. it was under the chest of draws. i pulled it out and placed it into her hands. she undid the ribbon and lifted the lid. she looked down in shock. she looked upset. "look. i don't like your music or your group Zayn." "i know. they are backstage passes as well. meaning you can meet the other." i could see her force a smile. "Jee thanks. but i'm okay. give them to someone else?" i shook my head. i got up and walked out of the door. she followed me "look. just keep them. have a think about it if you really don't want to go then give them to someone at collage?" i told her then i closed the door.


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