Memories don't last forever (One Direction Fanfic!)

So this is my story about being best friends with someone who can't remember you. it is about a boy from a certain band.


2. One year on.

I was layed in bed when i realised Zayn was coming back home, after his first audition he was put in a boyband. i didn't like any of the music they produced. He said he would never forget me. he told me i was on his mind. he said he would call. but my heart broke in two when i saw a picture of him kissing a girl with blonde hair. She was beautiful, she was everything i wasn't, she was his 'true love and best friend' i walked out of the house when a motor bike pulled up infront of me. he took of his helmet then shook his hair out. "Zayn" i made in a high pitched sound, which i had never made before. he looked at me confused. he put a finger to his mouth then said. "heyy you want an autograph?" i thought he was kidding with me. "Funny Zayn its me Ivy." what a beautiful name. "however i am afraid i don't know anybody called Ivy." i stared at him gob smacked. it was now or never. "Don't be silly of course you know me Zayn! anyway i need to tell you something." "Look i don't know you. i have to go anyway. Bye." he passed me his spare pair of leather gloves and signed them. he then took my phone out of my hand and took a photo with me. it took me by surprise so i looked a mess. we took one being silly liked we used to. a tear rolled down my face as i walked away.

Zayn POV: i honestly had no idea who Ivy was. I felt really bad for her. that fact that she thought i was someone else. Her blue hair with green and purple tips stood out. her eyes were cat slits, and she had her nose, lip septum and ears pierced. she walked away crying and i still felt really bad for her. i gave her a pair of black gloves and signed them i then took photos' of us two on her phone. I wanted to run down and hug her but i thought not as papz were starting to surround me. i wasn't used to it yet. i hated the publicness of everything. nothing really could be kept secret.i got to the house and everyone was really really excited about me being back. it was my little sisters birthday in a few days. i couldn't miss it! She smiled at me then ran to me. i pulled her into a big bear hug and ruffled and kissed her hair. "Hey Zayn. will you give this to Ivy for me? she should be around here somewhere." she started looking around as i little envelope was slipped into my grip. "i don't know who Ivy is. but i think she went home instead. as i upset her." her eyes grew wide in shock. she had a frown on her face. "Well i suggest you find her and give it her. she has blue hair and green and purple tips." she scribbled down her address. i nodded at her and got on my motorcycle. i found her house easily. i walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. i saw the curtains twitch and my phone beeped in my pocket. i pulled it out. 

IVY- What?

Zayn- Can i come in?

Ivy- No. 

Zayn- ohh okay. just get this envelope off me?

Ivy- fine. 

the door opened and i looked into her eyes. they were yellow like cats. she gazed into mine then broke the gaze. i gave her the envelope. 

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