Memories don't last forever (One Direction Fanfic!)

So this is my story about being best friends with someone who can't remember you. it is about a boy from a certain band.


6. Is there a hope?

i sat there as tears tumbled down my face, i was numb with shock. i got to the big white doors as the world whizzed around me. i collapsed onto my knees. "Zayn?" someone mumbled. i got up and looked around, i couldn't see anyone. i went out of the room. "Zayn, don't leave me!" i heard someone shout. it sounded like Ivy. i pushed it to the back of my head thinking it was just my imagination. i asked for a pen and paper from behind the desk. i was going to write a letter. she will never read it but i had to do it some how. "Are you okay sir?" someone asked. "ugh fiee." my words were slurred. "Are you drunk!" i shook my head and he realized why i was acting like this. he walked me back to Ivy's room. she was sat up in bed, crying her piercing blue eyes locking with mine. she broke the gaze as a tears spilled down her face. "Go away." she said firmly, i knew that she didn't want me to so i sat back onto the chair. "i'm not gong anywhere! i need to tell you something." i took a deep breath as all the feelings i kept hidden inside surfaced. she looked at me and smiled. i lent over and kissed her lightly on the nose. She looked beautiful, even with a blooded  and swollen face. she giggled as she wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled her head into y shoulder. and wept silently. Just as the doctors was going past. "I'm sorry sir but who are you hugging?" i looked at him then back at Ivy. she was no longer there her bed was empty. the doctor came up to me and lead me out of the door. i looked around widely then as the papz came i fell on my knees once again and fell to the floor crying. i lifted up my shirt to reveal a ZI tattoo. it was on my chest so that she would always be in my heart...





Hey Guys! sorry its a shortish story but i have a better one that i am working on:-) if you could check it out i would appreciate it! it is called Lucy + Eloise best friends no matter what?

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